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China Alcohol Market Report

出版商 Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. 商品编码 248440
出版日期 内容信息 英文 51 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
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中国的酒精市场分析 China Alcohol Market Report
出版日期: 2013年07月25日 内容信息: 英文 51 Pages


第1章 产品定义

第2章 市场规模

  • 酒精的市场规模分析
  • 近几年的酒精生产量的变动分析
  • 中国经济概况

第3章 中国国内的酒精产品市场热点

第4章 产业概要

  • 产业的摘要
  • 产业的盈利相关分析

第5章 进出口分析

  • 出口·进口概况
  • 酒精产品的进出口详细分析
    • 主要进口国家分析
    • 中国国内的进口处分析
    • 主要输出国家分析
    • 中国国内的出口商品制造地分析

第6章 市场占有率

  • 企业销售收益的集中化分析
    • 代表性企业销售收益的集中化分析
    • 前十大企业销售收益及产业和平均数的比较分析
  • 市场占有率集中化分析:各地区
    • 各地区销售收益集中化分析
    • 各地位的生产量集中化分析
  • 市场占有率集中化分析:各地区
  • 外资型企业市场上的地位和近几年的趋势
    • 外资型企业数的变化及其他拥有形态的比较
    • 外资型企业的销售额市场占有率的变动及其他拥有形态的比较
    • 外资型企业的盈利及其他拥有形态的比较
  • 进口商品的市场占有率分析及近几年的变动

第7章 全球代表性的前十大企业

第8章 产品标准系统

第9章 主要进口业者的一览



Executive Summary

This report presents a clear picture about the overall development of alcohol market in China and the trend in recent years based on detailed data analysis. This report includes the analysis on the alcohol market size and market share in China, the study on major hot areas in this market, introduction of key data and the comparison of top 10 enterprises in terms of sales revenue and market share, the detailed description of the import and export…

This report covers following sections.

Market Size

  • Based on Zeefer's China Market Size Formula, by the analysis on market size, industry sales revenue and domestic output in 2009-2012, this report presents a picture of the real development of China market and changes in the overall market size.

Hot Areas

  • Based on the comparison and analysis on production volume and import in different provinces or cities, this report points out those hot areas in this market deserve most attention.

Top 10 Enterprises

  • Based on the comparison and analysis on top 10 leading enterprises in terms of sales revenue, market share and number of employees, the report shows their market positions in China. Additionally, this report lists basic contact information of the top 10 leading enterprises.

Market Share and Market Structure

  • This report analyzes the market share distribution by segments based on enterprises nature (leading enterprises, foreign enterprises, state-owned and private enterprises), imports and regional markets in China in terms of sale revenue, profitability, production volume, number of enterprises and the value of imports... The report offers data on the market shares of imported products, foreign enterprises and enterprises in other forms. It also offers a comparison of profitability by forms of enterprise ownership, presents a picture of the market share of leading enterprises and the distribution of major regional markets in China. In addition, the report figures out the structure and concentration ratio of the current alcohol market in China by means of Bain's Market Structure Classification and Index of CR4.

Import and Export

  • In this section, the report includes the main source countries / regions of imported products for China and their market shares, the domestic destinations of imported products in China and shares for these destinations, major export destinations (countries or regions) for Chinese products and shares of these destinations, major origins of the exported products and their shares.

Industry Standards

  • The report lists relevant national standards and/or industrial standards concerning alcohol products generally accepted in China, including standard names both in Chinese and English as well as their unified code numbers.

Major Importers

  • The report lists 10 major importers for alcohol products in China and provides their contact information such as company name, address, website, telephone number and fax number.

Key Statistics

  • Based on the concise analysis on the sales revenue, production volume, number of enterprises, total profit, total loss, total assets, return on the asset and profit margin as well as other key statistics, the report presents the current situation, the growth rate and profitability of this industry in China.

Product definition

  • Alcohol products mentioned in this report is a general concept, it shall include the following products:
  • Classified by the United Nation's Central Product Classification (CPC)
  • CPC Code: 24110
  • Based on the United Nation's Central Product Classification (CPC Version 1.1), alcohol refer to undenatured ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic strength by volume of 80% vol or higher.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Product Definition 1

Chapter 2 Market Size 3

  • 2.1 Analysis On The Alcohol Market Size 3
  • 2.2 Analysis On The Changes In Alcohol Production Volume In Recent Years 5
  • 2.3 An Overview On Chinese Economy 6

Chapter 3 Hot Spots For Alcohol Products Across China 10

Chapter 4 Industry Overview 12

  • 4.1 A Summary On The Industry 12
  • 4.2 An Analysis On The Profitability Of The Industry 13

Chapter 5 Analysis On Import & Export 16

  • 5.1 An Overview On The Import & Export 16
  • 5.2 A Detailed Analysis On Import & Export Of Alcohol Products 17
    • 5.2.1 Analysis On Major Countries Of Origin For The Imported Alcohol Products 17
    • 5.2.2 Analysis On The Major Flow Destinations Inside China 19
    • 5.2.3 Analysis On Major Export Destinations 20
    • 5.2.4 Analysis On Major Origins In China 21

Chapter 6 The Market Share 23

  • 6.1 Analysis On The Concentration Of Corporate Sales Revenue 23
    • 6.1.1 Analysis On The Concentration Of Sales Revenue From Leading Enterprises 23
    • 6.1.2 Comparative Analysis On Sales Revenue From Top 10 Enterprises With Industry Average 25
  • 6.2 Analysis On The Concentration By Area In Terms Of The Market Share 27
    • 6.2.1 Analysis On Concentration Of Regional Sales Revenue 27
    • 6.2.2 Analysis On The Concentration Of Regional Production Volume 28
  • 6.3 Market Position Of Foreign Enterprises And The Trend In Recent Years 30
    • 6.3.1 Changes In The Shares Of Foreign Enterprises In Terms Of The Numbers And The Comparison Of Foreign Enterprises And Enterprises Of Other Ownership 30
    • 6.3.2 Changes In The Shares Of Sales Revenue From Foreign Enterprises And Comparison With That From Enterprises Of Other Ownership 32
    • 6.3.3 Profitability Of Foreign Enterprises And Comparison With Enterprises Of Other Ownership 34
  • 6.4 Analysis On The Market Share Of Imported Products And Relevant Variations In Recent Years 36

Chapter 7 Top 10 Enterprises 38

  • 7.1 Songyuan Ji'an Biochemical Co., Ltd. 38
  • 7.2 Nanyang Tianguan Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. 38
  • 7.3 Cofco Organism Chemical Engineering Zhaodong Branch 39
  • 7.4 Ji'an (Qian'an) Alcohol Industry Co., Ltd. 40
  • 7.5 Jiaozuo Heyang Alcohol Industry Co., Ltd. 40
  • 7.6 Jilin Province New Dragon Industrial Co., Ltd. 41
  • 7.7 Longkou Zhenlong Organism Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. 42
  • 7.8 Meihekou Fukang Alcohol Co., Ltd. 42
  • 7.9 Chengde Mountain Resort Corporation Group Co., Ltd. 43
  • 7.10 Inner Mongolia Liniu Organism Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. 44

Chapter 8 Product Standard Systems 45

Chapter 9 List Of Major Importers 46

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