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Top Mobile Payment Service Providers in Vietnam 2020 and their Reaction to the COVID-19 Crisis

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越南主要的移动支付服务提供商对COVID-19危机的应对(2020年) Top Mobile Payment Service Providers in Vietnam 2020 and their Reaction to the COVID-19 Crisis
出版日期: 2020年11月24日内容资讯: 英文




Momo Inc,Viettel Group,AirPay Payment Services Pvt Ltd,ZaloPay




  • 新型冠状病毒感染(COVID-19)对移动支付服务的影响(2020年11月)
  • 国家概况:与区域/世界平均水平的比较(2020年3月)
  • Fintech公司的市场份额:主要东南亚国家(柬埔寨,印度尼西亚,马来西亚,缅甸,新加坡,泰国,菲律宾,越南:2020年7月)
  • 越南可使用金融和银行服务的人口百分比:在总人口中的份额(2020/2021/2025)
  • 电子商务市场规模(单位:10亿美元)(2019/2025/2025)
  • 10个主要的电子商务网站:每月网站访问者(2020年7月至2020年9月)
  • 电子商务支付方式所占占有率(占总支付额的百分比)(2019)
  • 在线/非在线购物者份额:消费者百分比(2020年9月)
  • 倾向于无现金购物的消费者比例(2020年8月)
  • 银行间电子支付规模(金额基准,2019年上半年/2020年上半年)
  • 通过手机付款的次数和金额(2019年7月/2020年7月)
  • 最著名的移动支付提供商:移动支付用户所占百分比(2020年9月)
  • 最常用的移动支付提供商:移动支付用户的百分比(2020年9月)
  • 十大免费融资应用:平均每日下载量(2020年11月)
  • 通过电子钱包进行的主要数位活动:电子钱包持有者所占百分比(2019年第四季度)
  • COVID-19对Zalo Pay活动的影响(2020年11月)


  • Momo的个人资料:越南的业务发展(2020年11月)
  • 通过Momo电子钱包份额进行的交易数量:按交易类型划分(2019年第四季度)
  • Momo用户群(人数基准,2019/2020)
  • Momo的市场收入(金额基准,2016-2019)

第4章Viettel Pay

  • Viettel薪酬概况:越南业务发展(2020年11月)
  • COVID-19对Viettel Pay活动的影响(2020年11月)
  • Viettel Pay接入点数量和注册用户数量(2020年5月)
  • ViettelPay品牌关联属性:与ViettelPay用户的比率(2020年9月)


  • AirPay简介:越南的业务发展(2020年11月)
  • COVID-19对AirPay活动的影响(2020年11月)
  • AirPay市场收入(金额基准,2016-2019年)
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"Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online payments in Vietnam boosted, says yStats."

Mobile payments boosted by spread of COVID-19 in Vietnam

The Vietnamese online payment market has strongly profited from the coronavirus pandemic and the imposed restrictions. Even though cash is still widely used in the country, even for E-Commerce purchases, digital wallets along with cards and bank transfers, are catching up. According to the new publication, the transaction volume of payments via mobile phones underwent a year-on-year triple-digit increase in July 2020.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Momo celebrates a doubling in its consumer base

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have increased the use of mobile and contactless payment methods in Vietnam. Momo, the country's most used E-wallet, saw a doubling in the number of users as of October 2020 from earlier this year. Moreover, the platform has been increasingly implementing new payment solutions to allow its partner merchants and their customers a better payment experience during and after the health crisis, says the new yStats report.

Health crisis significantly profited smaller E-Wallets in Vietnam

Other E-Wallets in the country are making efforts to provide competition for the most leading online payment provider, Momo. AirPay especially profits from its partnership with the E-Commerce platform with the highest number of monthly visits in the country, Shopee. ViettelPay experienced six times increase in their user base in 2020, compared to 2018, according to a recent survey cited in the new report. This was partially because of its cooperation with Doctor Anywhere as the outbreak of the pandemic.

Covered Regions:

Asia Pacific.

Companies Mentioned:

Momo Inc, Viettel Group, AirPay Payment Services Pvt Ltd, ZaloPay.

Table of Contents

1. Management Summary

2. Overview

  • COVID-19's Impact on Mobile Payment Services, November 2020
  • Country's Profile Compared to the Region's and the World's Averages, March 2020
  • Share of SEA's FinTech Companies Operating in Selected Countries, incl. Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam, July 2020
  • Share of Vietnam Residents Who Have Access to Financial and Banking Services, in % of the Total Population, 2020 & 2021f & 2025f
  • E-Commerce Market Value, in USD billion, 2019 & 2020e & 2025f
  • Top 10 E-Commerce Web-Sites, by Monthly Web Visits, July 2020 - September 2020
  • Share of E-Commerce Payment Methods, in % of Total Payments, 2019
  • Share of Online and Non-Online Shoppers, in % of Consumers, September 2020
  • Share of Consumers Who Prefer Cashless Payments for Shopping, in % of Consumers, August 2020
  • Interbank Electronic Payments Value, in VND trillion, H1 2019 & H1 2020
  • Number of Transactions via Mobile Phones, in millions, and Value of Transactions via Mobile Phones, in VND trillion, July 2019 & July 2020
  • Best-Known Mobile Payment Providers, in % of Mobile Payment Users, September 2020
  • Most Often Used and Currently Used Mobile Payment Providers, in % of Mobile Payments Users, September 2020
  • Top 10 Free Finance Applications, by Daily Average Downloads, November 2020
  • Selected Digital Activities Conducted via E-Wallets, in % of E-Wallet Owners, Q4 2019
  • COVID-19's Impact on ZaloPay's activity, November 2020

3. Momo

  • Profile of Momo in Vietnam, November 2020
  • COVID-19's Impact on Momo's activity, November 2020
  • Share of Transactions Made via Momo E-Wallet, by Type of Transaction, in % of Total, Q4 2019
  • Momo's User Base, in millions, 2019 & 2020
  • Revenue of Momo, in VND trillion, 2016 - 2019

4. ViettelPay

  • Profile of ViettelPay in Vietnam, November 2020
  • COVID-19's Impact on ViettelPay's activity, November 2020
  • ViettelPay's Access Points, in thousands, and Number of Registered Users, in millions, May 2020
  • ViettelPay's Brand Association Attributes, in % of ViettelPay Users, September 2020

5. AirPay

  • Profile of AirPay in Vietnam, November 2020
  • COVID-19's Impact on AirPay's activity, November 2020
  • Revenue of AirPay, in VND billion, 2016 - 2019