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World Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems 2017

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全球军用无人飞机系统:2017年 World Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems 2017
出版日期: 2017年12月20日 内容信息: 英文



  • 市场展望
  • 军用UAS的简介
  • 民间UAV
  • 数据


  • 市场展望
  • 计划的简介


  • 市场展望

其他 (ROW) 市场

  • 市场展望
  • 中东


  • 概要


  • 市场概要
  • 高空在空中续航 (HALE) EO/IR感测器
  • 中高度长续航力EO/IR感测器
  • 广FOV (WFOV) EO/IR感测器
  • 高光谱遥测EO感测器
  • UCAV EO/IR感测器
  • 战术UAV EO/IR感测器
  • 小型战术UAV EO/IR感测器
  • 小型UAV EO/IR感测器


  • 市场概要
  • 高空在空中续航 (HALE) UAV雷达
  • 中高度在空中续航 (MALE) UAV雷达
  • UCAV计划
  • 机体装载型避免碰撞雷达 (ABSAA)
  • 战术UAV计划
  • 磁探测器 (MAD)
  • 小型策略/小型/奈米UAV计划

SIGINT & 电子攻击 (EA) 系统

  • 市场概要
  • 空中续航UAV SIGINT & EA计划
  • 小型策略/小型/奈米UAV SIGINT & EA计划
  • 国际UAV SIGINT & EA计划

C4I 系统

  • 市场概要
  • 数据链接计划


  • 概要
  • 企业简介




Teal Group's ‘World Military Unmanned Aerial Systems Market Profile & Forecast 2017’ is an annual sector study authored by Phil Finnegan, David Rockwell and Steve Zaloga. This study allows clients to identify lucrative potential business opportunities in the increasingly dynamic international military UAS market. It contains a wealth of timely intelligence and analysis on the systems, as well as requirements on a country-by-country basis.

Features include:

  • 10-Year Market Forecasts - Covering R&D and procurement for the overall market and, as well as program and country breakouts.
  • Expert Analysis - A cogent outlook and rationale for what will be hot over the next decade and what will not.
  • Air Vehicles - Development histories, specifications, functional descriptions, manufacturers, funding and evaluations.
  • Sensors - Electro-optic, infrared, synthetic aperture radar, electronic warfare, SIGINT, and multi- and hyperspectral systems.
  • Requirements - Future requirements are examined for each country likely to be a player in this market.

From the Military UAS Market Study 2017:

  • Teal Group estimates that military UAS production will total $75 billion over the next decade. It grows rapidly from $3.6 billion worldwide in 2017 to more than $9 billion in 2026, a 11% compound annual growth rate in constant dollars.
  • Research and development will total $26.6 billion over the period, with nearly 60% of that coming from the United States.
  • Market growth will be led by Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles and High Altitude Long Endurance UAVs.
  • The largest market segment over the next decade will be High Altitude Long Endurance UAVs, which will account for a third of the period's sales.
  • Asia-Pacific will account for the second largest $ value of production (more than $20 billion over the forecast period), after the United States. Europe will account for slightly less than half of that amount.
  • Coverage of the outlook and strategies for more than 50 UAS companies.

Executive Overview

Our research suggests that the US will account for 57% of the unclassified R&D spending on UAV technology over the next decade, and about 32% of the unclassified procurement through the forecast decade. These US UAV funding shares for R&D and procurement represent smaller shares of the market compared to defense spending in general. The US accounts for about 64% of total worldwide R&D spending and 38% of procurement spending, according to Teal Group's International Defense Briefing forecasts.

These percentages change significantly when adjustments are made for US classified UAV development and procurement funding (see Figure 2).

The value of these “black” programs can only be surmised, with our estimates serving as a likely upper end of the range of potential secret monies. With these assumptions, the US accounts for 76% of the world R&D on UAVs and 49% of the procurement.

Table of Contents

Executive Overview

The Market Outlook

  • World UAS Budget Forecast (excluding US classified budget)
  • World UAS Budget Forecast (including provisional US classified budget)
  • World Production Forecast by Type
  • World UAV Production Forecast by Region
  • Study Parameters
  • Forecast Assumptions
  • Cost Evaluation

Military UASProfile


The Numbers

  • Mini-UAV Production Forecast by Region
  • Small Tactical UAV Production Forecast by Region
  • Tactical UAV Production Forecast Summary by Region
  • Naval UAVs Production Forecast Summary by Region
  • MALE UAV Production Forecast Summary by Region
  • HALE UAV Production Forecast Summary by Region
  • UCAV Production Forecast Summary by Region
  • Civil Government, Commercial & Consumer UAVs

The US UAV Market

The Market Outlook

  • Past as Prologue
  • US Department of Defense UAV Funding History
  • DoD UAV Categories
  • US Military UAV Inventory Trends
  • US UAV Inventory (1 Apr 2014)
  • US DoD UAV Budget Forecast
  • US UAV Production Forecast

Program Profiles

  • US Micro/Mini UAVs
  • US Navy/Marine Corps RQ-21 Blackjack STUAS
  • RQ-7A Shadow Tactical UAV
  • RQ-8 Fire Scout VTUAV
  • US Navy UAV Programs
  • RQ-1 Predator /MQ-9 Reaper
  • Air Force Next Generation UAS (NGUAS)
  • MQ-25 Stingray (CBARS)
  • RQ-4 Global Hawk
  • UCAVs

European UAV Market

Market Overview

  • Current European Military Programs
  • European UAV Production Forecast by Type
  • Country Profiles
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • European Union/NATO
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Serbia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom

Rest of the World UAV Market

Market Overview

Middle East

  • Middle East UAV Production Forecast by Type
  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Africa
  • African UAV Production Forecast by Type
  • Algeria
  • Angola
  • Botswana
  • Ethiopia
  • Ivory Coast
  • Kenya
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Sudan
  • Tunisia
  • Yemen
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Asia-Pacific UAV Production Forecast by Type
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Korea, North
  • Korea, South
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • The Americas
  • Americas UAV Production Forecast by Type
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Venezuela

UAV Munitions


Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensors

Market Overview

High Altitude Endurance (HALE) EO/IR Sensors

  • USAF Global Hawk Basic and Enhanced Integrated Sensor Suite (EISS)
  • USAF Global Hawk Follow-On EO/IR Sensors
  • USAF Next-Generation HALE EO/IR Sensor Suite
  • Navy MQ-4C Triton MTS-B & AN/DAS-X Sensor Suite
  • USAF Classified Stealthy UAV EO/IR Sensors (RQ-170/RQ-180/TR-X)
  • Coast Guard Deepwater Endurance UAV EO/IR Sensor

Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance EO/IR Sensors

  • Predator & Predator B/Reaper AN/AAS-52 MTS-A & AN/DAS-1/4 MTS-B (Multi-spectral Targeting
  • System) & Future MALE EO/IR Sensor
  • US CBP/USCG Guardian/Predator B AN/DAS-1(V) MTS-B (Multi-Spectral Targeting System)
  • USAF MQ-X/Next Generation MALE UAV EO/IR Sensor
  • US Army Gray Eagle AN/DAS-2(V) Common Sensor Payload (CSP)
  • Predator XP EO/IR Sensors
  • FLIR Systems, Inc. (FSI) Star SAFIRE 380HD
  • Lockheed Martin INFIRNO
  • UTC Aerospace (UTAS) DB-110 & MS-110 EO/IR Pods
  • Rafael RecceLite & Recce-U EO/IR Pods
  • US Navy MALE TERN (Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node) Sensors

Wide FOV (WFOV) EO/IR Sensors

  • USAF Reaper Gorgon Stare & Classified WFOV EO/IR Sensors
  • Predator C Avenger Wide Field of View (WFOV) Sensor
  • Logos Technologies Redkite & LEAPS & Kestrel & WAMI Sensors
  • US Marine Corps RQ-7 Shadow Wide Focal Plane Array Camera (WFPAC “Wolfpack”)
  • US Marine Corps RQ-7 Shadow WASPS (Wide Area Surgical and Persistent Surveillance)
  • AWARE (Advanced WFOV Architectures for Image Reconstruction and Exploitation)

Hyperspectral EO Sensors

  • Global Hawk SPIRITT & USAF Hyperspectral Systems
  • USAF Predator ACES Hy Hyperspectral Imager
  • US Army RQ-7 Shadow AURORA & Navy/Army Hyperspectral Imagers

UCAV EO/IR Sensors

  • USAF Classified Stealthy SEAD/Strike UCAV EO/IR Sensors
  • US Navy MQ-25 Stingray CBARS & UCLASS & UCAS-D EO/IR Sensors

Tactical UAV EO/IR Sensors

  • US Navy/US Coast Guard MQ-8B/C Fire Scout EO/IR Sensors
  • US Army/USMC RQ-7 Shadow V2 MX-10 EO/IR Sensors
  • US Army/USMC RQ-7 Shadow V1 POP 200/300
  • US Army Hunter Raven Eye II/MOSP
  • United Technologies (UTAS) SWIR (Short-Wave IR) Sensors
  • US Navy & Army MRMUAS & MRMP EO/IR Sensors

Small Tactical UAV EO/IR Sensors

  • US Navy/USMC RQ-21A Blackjack/Integrator Multi 8000 EO/IR Sensor
  • ScanEagle Alticam EO and IR Sensors
  • ScanEagle ViDAR “Optical Radar”
  • Gremlins and “Swarming” Small UAV EO/IR Sensors
  • US Special Operations Command NightEagle EO/IR Sensor

Mini-UAV EO/IR Sensors

  • AeroVironment Raven & Wasp & Puma Mantis EO/IR Sensors
  • FLIR Systems, Inc. (FSI) Duo EO/IR Camera
  • US & Available International Mini-UAV EO/IR Sensors
  • Air Force Desert Hawk (was Sentry Owl) EO Sensors
  • RQ-11 Raven Photon IR Sensor
  • US Marine Corps Dragon Eye ThermoVision Micron IR Sensor
  • US Navy & US Army FCS Class I RQ-16A T-Hawk MAV EO and IR Sensors
  • Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) EO/IR Sensors
  • Nano Air Vehicle (NAV) EO/IR Sensors

Synthetic Aperture Radars

Market Overview

  • SAR Technology
  • SAR Market
  • SAR Program Forecasts
  • Market Shares

High Altitude Endurance (HALE) UAV Radars

  • USAF Global Hawk AN/ZPY-2 MP-RTIP
  • NATO Global Hawk AGS/MP-RTIP
  • USAF Global Hawk “HISAR”
  • USAF Global Hawk Follow-On SAR
  • Next-Generation HALE UAV SAR
  • US Navy MQ-4C Triton AN/ZPY-3 Multi-Function Active Sensor (MFAS)
  • USAF Classified Stealthy UAV SARs (RQ-170 & RQ-180 & TR-X & B-21)
  • USCG Deepwater Endurance UAV ISAR

Medium Altitude Endurance (MALE) UAV Radars

  • USAF Reaper & Predator XP AN/APY-8 Lynx SAR & Future MALE SAR
  • US CBP Predator B AN/APY-8 Lynx SAR
  • US CBP/USCG Guardian SeaVue SAR
  • Predator B/Guardian Future MALE Maritime Radar
  • USAF MQ-X/Next-Generation MALE UAV Radar
  • US Army Gray Eagle AN/ZPY-1 Starlite SAR
  • US Army Predator/Sky Warrior ER/MP Lynx II SAR
  • US Army Gray Eagle ER/MP VADER Radar
  • Leonardo/UTC Aerospace (UTAS) “TacSAR” Pod (UAV)
  • “ASARS-3” (Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System)
  • USAF Reaper Dismount Detection Radar (DDR)
  • US Army Gray Eagle TRACER
  • MB SAR (Multi-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar)

UCAV Programs

  • US Air Force Classified Stealthy SEAD/Strike UCAV Radars
  • US Navy CBARS & UCLASS & UCAS-D Radars

Airborne Sense-And-Avoid Radars (ABSAAs)

  • US Navy Triton Air-to-Air Radar Sub-System (AARSS)
  • USAF Common Airborne Sense & Avoid (C-ABSAA)
  • Predator B Due Regard Radar (DRR)
  • US Army Ground-Based Sense & Avoid (GBSAA)
  • European Defense Agency (EDA) MIDCAS Sense-and-Avoid Radar

Tactical UAV Programs

  • US Navy/US Coast Guard MQ-8B/C Fire Scout SARs
  • US Army MQ-8B FCS Class 4A (Fire Scout) Lynx II SAR
  • US Army RQ-7 Shadow SAR

Magnetic Anomaly Detectors (MADs)

  • MAD-XR (Magnetic Anomaly Detection Extended Role)

Small Tactical/Mini/Nano UAV Programs

  • US Navy/Marine Corps RQ-21A Blackjack/Integrator SAR
  • ScanEagle NanoSAR & Leonardo
  • miniSAR
  • microSAR
  • PicoSAR
  • MiniSAR

SIGINT & Electronic Attack (EA) Systems

Market Overview

Endurance UAV SIGINT & EA Programs

  • USAF Global Hawk/HALE & Predator/Reaper/MALE ASIP (Airborne Signals Intelligence Payload)
  • USAF Global Hawk Hyperwide COMINT
  • USAF Global Hawk LR-100 RWR/ESM/ELINT
  • Navy MQ-4C Triton AN/ZLQ-1 ESM System & Follow-On SIGINT & Future Triton SIGINT Suite
  • USAF Classified Stealthy UAV ESM/EA Systems (RQ-170 & RQ-180 & TR-X & B-21)
  • Army Tactical SIGINT Payload (TSP) & Follow-On & Future MALE UAV SIGINT System
  • Reaper Advanced Radar Detection System (ARDS) ELINT Pod
  • Reaper AN/ALR-69A Radar Warning Receiver (RWR)/ESM Pod
  • Army MQ-1C Gray Eagle Modular Multi-Function Electronic Warfare (MFEW) Pod
  • Army MQ-1C Gray Eagle CEASAR/NERO COMINT Electronic Attack Pods
  • US Army MQ-5B Hunter Green Dart SIGINT System
  • Pandora Electronic Warfare (EW) System (MALE)
  • USAF DEACON Electronic Attack Pod


  • USAF Classified Stealthy SEAD/Strike UCAV Electronic Attack (EA) System
  • USMC UCAV Electronic Attack (EA)
  • USMC Group 4 UAV Electronic Attack (EA) Standoff Jammers (AN/ALQ-99 & NGJ)
  • US Navy MQ-25A Stingray CBARS & UCLASS SIGINT & Electronic Attack (EA)
  • Early US Air Force/Navy UCAV Electronic Warfare Systems

Tactical/Mini/Nano UAV SIGINT & EA Programs

  • Overview
  • US Army RQ-7 Shadow SIGINT Systems
  • USMC RQ-7 Shadow Software Reprogrammable Payload (SRP)
  • RQ-7B Shadow SIGINT Pod
  • US Navy MQ-8C Fire Scout SIGINT/EW Pod
  • DARPA CONCERTO (CONverged Collaborative Elements for RF Task Operations)
  • US Special Operations Forces (SOF) Tactical/Mini-UAV SIGINT Sensor
  • Pandora Electronic Warfare (EW) System (Small UAV)
  • “NanoSIGINT” (Tactical/Small Tactical UAV)
  • US Navy/Marine Corps RQ-21A Blackjack/Integrator SIGINT Payload
  • US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) MEUAS III Small Tactical SIGINT/ELINT Sensors
  • US Army RQ-20 Puma Mini-UAV SIGINT Sensors

International UAV SIGINT & EA Programs

  • Euro Hawk ISIS Wide Area SIGINT System
  • UK Watchkeeper SIGINT: Soothsayer
  • Xtender/FlyingFish Satellite Phone SIGINT System
  • TRC 274 & TRC 6200
  • Top Scan
  • Skyfix SIGINT Suite
  • EL/K-7071 COMINT/DF & EL/L-8385 ESM/ELINT
  • SPS-65V5 Modular EW/SIGINT Suite
  • Skyfix COMINT/DF

C4I Systems

Market Overview

  • System Types

Data Link Programs

  • Global Hawk (EQ-4) Battlefield Airborne Communications Node (BACN)
  • Global Hawk Block 30/40 C4I Systems
  • Predator B/MALE Network Centric Communications Pod (NCCP)
  • MUM-T (Manned-Unmanned Teaming) & VUIT-2
  • USMC RQ-7 Shadow Software Reprogrammable Payload (SRP)
  • RQ-7 Shadow Forward Airborne Secure Transmissions and Communications (FASTCOM)
  • Next-Generation Scalable UA Mission Command System
  • Tactical Control System (TCS) & UAV Operating Systems
  • Warfighter Information Network-Tactical (WIN-T)
  • JTIDS and MIDS
  • Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS)
  • USAF Tactical Data Links (TDL)/Link-16
  • US Navy Tactical Data Links (TDL)/Link-16
  • US Army Tactical Data Links (TDL)/Link-16
  • Improved Data Modem (IDM)
  • CEC (Cooperative Engagement Capability)
  • Common Data Link (CDL) & Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL)
  • Network Tactical Common Data Link-Network (TCDL-N)
  • Tactical Common Data Link-Network (TCDL-N)
  • Communications Data Link System (CDLS)

UAS Company Profiles


Company Profiles

  • Aeronautics Ltd.
  • AeroVironment Inc.
  • Aeryon Labs Inc.
  • Airbus Defence & Space (formerly European Defence and Space Co.)
  • Aurora Flight Sciences
  • AVIC Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group
  • BAE Systems
  • Baykar
  • Bell Helicopter
  • The Boeing Co.
  • CAE Inc.
  • China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.
  • Dassault Aviation
  • Denel Pty. Ltd.
  • Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG
  • DJI Innovations
  • Elbit Systems Ltd.
  • EMT Ingenieurgesellschaft
  • FLIR Systems, Inc.
  • General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.
  • Griffon Aerospace
  • Honeywell International Inc
  • Insitu Inc.
  • Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd
  • Kaman Corp.
  • Korea Aerospace Industries Ltd.
  • Korean Air Aerospace Business Division
  • Korean Aviation Technologies
  • Kratos Defense and Security Solutions Inc.
  • L-3 Technologies
  • Leonardo (formerly Finmeccanica)
  • Lockheed Martin Corp.
  • MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) Ltd.
  • Northrop Grumman Corp.
  • Piaggio Aerospace
  • Prioria Robotics
  • Raytheon Company
  • Rheinmetall AG
  • Rockwell Collins, Inc
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Safran
  • Schiebel Elektronische Geraete GmbH
  • Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation
  • Stark Aerospace, Inc.
  • Swift Engineering, Inc.
  • Teledyne Technologies Inc.
  • Textron Systems Unmanned Systems
  • Thales
  • Turkish Aerospace Industries
  • Uconsystem Co. Ltd
  • UMS Skeldar
  • VT Group

Appendix 1

US DoD 10-Year UAV Funding History Summary

RDT&E by Service

Procurement by Service

Appendix 2

US DoD Prime Contracts

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