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EDinside 2017:越南的照明市场报告

LEDinside: 2017 Vietnam Lighting Market Report

出版商 TrendForce 商品编码 582683
出版日期 内容信息 英文 98 Pages
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EDinside 2017:越南的照明市场报告 LEDinside: 2017 Vietnam Lighting Market Report
出版日期: 2017年11月01日 内容信息: 英文 98 Pages


第1章 经济整体相关分析

第2章 基础设施建设的发展

第3章 越南的照明市场规模、趋势

第4章 照明厂商、策略分析

第5章 主要照明展示会的简介

第6章 主要流通管道代理店、工程服务供应商

第7章 LED照明产品的规格、价格分析

第8章 照明政策,法规及竞标计划状况

第9章 越南的照明市场进入相关建议、分析


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Analysis on Overall Economy

Vietnam is the world's 14th-most-populous country as well as emerging market, and its GDP has climbed in recent years, with annual growth more than 6%, its economic take-off attracts huge foreign investment, so it is believed that Vietnam market will be booming soon. In view of the opportunities to popularize LED lighting in Vietnam, the increase in electricity consumption also provides great opportunities for LED business in Vietnam besides its economic take-off.

Infrastructure Construction Development

As foreign direct investment continually flows into Vietnam, the establishment of industrial zone has become an important means of attracting foreign direct investment in Vietnam, Vietnam is now working to modernize industrial productivity, one of its strategies is to develop multiple industrial zones, in order to promote industrial investment. At present, Vietnam has a total of 328 industrial zones, and the industrial zones put in operation achieve occupancy rate of nearly 73%.

Vietnam Lighting Market Scale and Trend

Over the past few years, Vietnam traditional lighting market experienced continuing decline while its LED lighting market kept on going up. It's estimated that its LED lighting market scale can reach USD 420 million in 2017. From the perspective of product types, since the lighting demand in Vietnam is still in basic stage, products like LED bulb, tube and spotlight were applied most sofar. In 2017, replacement lamp occupies 78% of the total market share. In recent two years, due to the rise of local production and the industrial booming, Vietnam manufacturers started to import components from China and assemble by themselves in order to savecost, which led to an annual decline of Chinese import scale. Vietnam lighting market has gradually rid high dependency on imported products and changed into a healthier development mode. Meanwhile, it had certain negative effects on the competitiveness of Chinese LED lighting OEM manufacturers.

The smart lighting developed late in Vietnam, and which is only adopted in the outdoor and high-end commercial lighting places at present. The Vietnam smart lighting market is expected to reach about USD 18 million in 2017, will exceed USD 60 million by 2020.

Infrastructure Construction Development

Table of Contents

  • Chapter I: Analysis on Overall Economy
  • Chapter II: Infrastructure Construction Development
  • Chapter III: Vietnam Lighting Market Scale and Trend
  • Chapter IV: Lighting Manufacturers and Strategy Analysis
  • Chapter V: Main Lighting Exhibitions Introduction
  • Chapter VI: Main Channel Agencies and Engineering Service Providers
  • Chapter VII: LED Lighting Product Specification and Price Analysis
  • Chapter VIII: Lighting Policies, Regulations and Bidding Project Status
  • Chapter IX: Suggestions and Analysis on Entering Vietnam Lighting Market
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