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Europe Data Centre Trends Report

出版商 Tariff Consultancy Ltd. 商品编码 986068
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 62 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
欧洲的资料中心市场:趋势分析 Europe Data Centre Trends Report
出版日期: 2021年01月31日内容资讯: 英文 62 Pages

本报告提供欧洲各国 (共17个国家)的资料中心市场的趋势相关分析,各国的资料中心的市场规模、费用趋势,在各国内部的资料中心的集积情形,新资料中心的成立趋势等资讯汇整,为您概述为以下内容。


  • 奥地利,比利时,捷克,丹麦,芬兰,法国,德国,爱尔兰,义大利,荷兰,挪威,波兰葡萄牙,西班牙,瑞典,瑞士,英国


  • 1. 欧洲的资料中心市场:各平均价格趋势 (单位:机架空间、m2)
  • 2. 欧洲的资料中心市场:各国市场规模 (用地面积,客户数量)
  • 3. 欧洲的主要资料中心:各国的地理丛集
  • 4. 欧洲的资料中心市场:新开设趋势
  • 5. 资料中心市场整体趋势:各国
Product Code: Jan2021DCPE

About the Report

Tariff Consultancy Ltd's 11th edition of the “Europe Data Centre Trends” Report analyses the key trends impacting the 17 European Data Centre market, including Data Centre space, power, pricing and customer trends. It provides a unique analysis of market sizing and the key customer trends impacting the markets covered using a survey.

The survey also provides a unique analysis of the key trends influencing the EU Data centre markets.

The publication also identifies the key aggregated pricing - by standard rack space (without power) and by m2. Finally, TCL summarizes the overall Data Centre trends taking place in Europe (17 markets) since mid-2020.


The research is based on a survey of Data Centre facilities in the 15 markets including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden Switzerland and the UK.


DCP has collated a database of the key Data Centre Country Markets in Europe, with Data Centre Pricing, Data Centre raised floor space, Data Centre Customer Power, the key Geographical locations and the key Data Centre developments across Europe:

  • Data Centre Pricing is provided based on an average cost of rack space and m2 of space. Rack space pricing is based on a standard 19" rack with single-phase power supply and excludes power consumption costs. M2 space is based on retail Data Centre space. Pricing is averaged to protect confidentiality agreements with the underlying Data Centre Provider.
  • Data Centre raised floor space includes equipped Data Centre space and space that is suitable for short-term build outs - it excludes space used for non-customer equipment.
  • Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP) measures Data Centre power delivered to the Customer IT equipment, and excludes power sent to the Data Centre.
  • The European Data Centre Geographical clusters are based on the nearest town or city location identified by DCP, with four or five Data Centre Providers in each cluster.
  • DCP provides the latest published information for announced Data Centre build outs in each Country Market over the last Quarter period.


Pdf file (62 pages), Key Point Summary in PowerPoint.

Table of Contents

(A review in each country for the topics shown below)

  • 1. European Data Centre Country Market Pricing (Average Data Centre rack space & m2).
  • 2. European Data Centre Country Market Sizing (Data Centre raised floor space and Data Centre Customer Power).
  • 3. Key European Data Centre Country Market Geographical Clusters
  • 4. New European Country Market Data Centre Developments
  • 5. Overall Country Market Data Centre Trends