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IC封装及OSAT IC封装的全球市场的预测:2019年版

Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets - 2019 Edition: A New Comprehensive Report Covering Critical Market Segments of the Global IC Packaging Industry

出版商 New Venture Research 商品编码 914875
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 300+ Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
IC封装及OSAT IC封装的全球市场的预测:2019年版 Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets - 2019 Edition: A New Comprehensive Report Covering Critical Market Segments of the Global IC Packaging Industry
出版日期: 2019年09月30日内容资讯: 英文 300+ Pages

本报告提供全球IC封装及OSAT IC封装的市场调查,全球电子产品市场整体趋势及展望,各半导体设备、IC封装类型、用途的出货数、收益的预测,OSAT IC封装市场预测,主要OSAT经营者的策略,企业简介等资料汇整。

第1章 简介

第2章 摘要整理

第3章 全球电子产品市场趋势、预测

  • 电子产业的近几年的经济趋势
  • 经济、政策的影响
  • 技术的影响
  • 全球电子产品市场
  • 电脑
  • 通讯
  • CE产品
  • 汽车
  • 工业
  • 医疗
  • 商用
  • 商用航空、防卫
  • 其他运输
  • 家用/商用/行政用IoT
  • 工业用、其他IC设备

第4章 IC设备&包装市场:概要

  • 半导体部门趋势
  • 全球IC设备市场
    • 处理器
    • 逻辑
    • 记忆体
    • 类比
  • 全球IC封装市场
    • DIP
    • TO、SOT包装
    • SOP家庭
    • 芯片外壳
    • 扁平封装包装
    • PGA包装
    • BGA包装
    • WL包装
    • DCA

第5章 IC设备的引进分析

  • 半导体设备的引进趋势、预测:各用途
    • CE产品
    • 汽车
    • 电脑
    • 通讯
    • 工业
    • 其他
  • IC设备的引进趋势、预测
    • 处理器
    • 其他逻辑
    • 记忆体
    • 类比
  • IC封装的引进趋势
    • DIP
    • TO、SOT包装
    • SOP家庭
    • 芯片外壳
    • 扁平封装包装
    • PGA包装
    • BGA包装
    • WL包装
    • DCA
  • 覆晶互相连接趋势

第6章 OSAT市场、策略分析

  • 半导体市场上外包
  • 半导体产业的整合
  • OSAT市场预测
    • 出货数
    • 收益
    • 平均包装价格
  • 成功策略
  • 市场领导的策略

第7章 OSAT企业的简介

Product Code: OSAT19

Report Highlights

Global Electronics Market Overview

  • Economic Overview
  • Semiconductor Industry Analysis

Electronics Summary Forecasts, 2018-2023

  • By Total Assembly Value
  • By Applications Market

Semiconductor Application Market Forecasts, 2018-2023

  • Unit Shipments and Revenue
  • By Semiconductor Device
  • By IC Packaging Type
  • By Application Segment

OSAT IC Packaging Market Forecasts, 2018-2023

  • IC Packaging Type by Unit Shipments, Revenues and ASP
  • Competitive Rankings
  • 39 Company Profiles


About the Author In the manufacturing of integrated circuits, the role played by the back-end assembly process has changed considerably over the decades. Once important only as a protective housing for the delicate IC devices, IC packages have come to be regarded as integral to the functioning of the ICs, and instrumental in determining the types of electronics we all will purchase in the future.

For more than twenty years, New Venture Research (NVR) has provided high quality, in-depth analysis of the IC packaging market. Continuing in that long tradition, NVR announces a new report for 2019: Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets. This report delves deeply into two critical market segments. The first focus is on the broad domain of applications for which ICs are developed, as well as the end-user electronics products that use ICs. The second focus of the report is on the category of companies known as outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies, usually referred to by the acronym OSATs, and presents NVR's continuing coverage of this expanding sector of the semiconductor market.

The purpose of the report is to provide an analysis of the major application trends affecting the electronics industry, and detailed forecasts of the major application segments- Consumer, Computer, Communications, Automotive, and Industrial & Other. It also surveys numerous specific electronics product markets, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and other consumer products, and automotive components. In addition, the report analyzes the strategies and IC packaging products shipped by OSATs, with forecasts of unit shipments, revenues and ASP. Every table in the report presents historical data for 2018 and forecasts the market for the five-year period, 2019 - 2023.

The 300-page report consists of seven chapters. Chapter 1, "Introduction," and Chapter 2, "Executive Summary." Chapter 3, "Global Electronics Market Trends and Forecasts" presents a critical industry analysis at the global economy today and the broad economic and market trends driving the semiconductor industry. It also details the key electronics products markets for IC devices. Forecast tables provide not only unit shipments of nearly 30 electronics market segments, but for many the unit shipments of ICs and IC revenues, as well. Chapter 4, "Overview of the Worldwide IC Packaging Market" describes in detail the many IC packaging market segments and provides forecasts of the worldwide market in terms of packaging types, I/O count and IC devices. This sets the stage for Chapter 5, "IC Applications Analysis," which examines semiconductor device applications and IC packaging applications in terms of unit shipments and revenues. In Chapter 6, "OSAT Market and Strategy Analysis," the report examines the history of outsourcing in the semiconductor market and the emergence of the OSAT contractors, as a major factor in the IC packaging market. The chapter presents the market shares for the leading OSATs and analyzes their product marketing strategies. Tables present forecasts of the OSAT market in terms of unit shipments, revenues and package pricing. Finally, Chapter 7, "OSAT Company Profiles" presents concise profiles of nearly 40 OSAT companies, providing a cross-section of both large and small competitors, as well as companies specializing in both conventional IC packaging and leading-edge advanced IC packaging products.

Global IC Packaging Applications and Outsourced Semiconductor and Test (OSAT) Markets - 2019 Edition is an effective and economical tool for any company interested in competing in the semiconductor industry as an aid in assessing the present and future of this dynamic industry. The report sells for $3995 and is delivered by email as a single-user PDF file. Extra single-user licenses sell for $500 each and a corporate license is available for an additional $1500. With the purchase of the report, an Excel spreadsheet containing every table and graphic may be obtained for an additional $1000 and a printed copy for $250.

About The Author

Jerry Watkins is an independent senior analyst with more than 20 years of direct experience in the field of market research and consulting. He has worked for leading research companies such as Frost & Sullivan, Lucid Information Services, and NSI Research, both in management and as a writer. Mr. Watkins has authored many syndicated reports, previously in the telecommunications and office automation sectors and more recently in the semiconductor industry, writing on subjects that include IC packaging and merchant embedded computing. He holds two university degrees, including a B.A. in History and an M.A. in International Studies, but he feels that market research best fulfills his lifelong passion for inquiry into difficult subject matter and making it comprehensible to a wide audience. Mr. Watkins has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for most of his career.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: Global Electronics Market Trends and Forecasts

Recent Global Electronics Economic Trends Global Economy/Government Policy Impacts Technology Impacts Global Electronics Market Electronic Industry Summary Forecasts


  • Personal Computers, Tablets/E-readers, Servers, Workstations, Enterprise Storage Systems, Flash/Hard Drives, Monitors, Printers, Other Computer Applications


  • Cellular Handsets, Communications Infrastructure, Carrier Class Switches, Other Phones, DSL/Cable Modems, Other Communications Applications


  • Digital Televisions, Set-top Boxes, Camcorders, DVD/DVR Players, Digital Cameras, Console Video Games, MP3/MP4 Players, Audio/Video and Smart Home Products, Consumer IoT Products, Other Consumer Applications

Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Commercial Aviation/Defense and Other Transportation, Home/Commercial/Government Internet of Things, and Industrial and Other IC Devices

Chapter 4: Overview of the IC Devices and Packaging Market

Semiconductor Sector Industry Trends

Worldwide IC Devices Market

  • Processors, Logic, Memory, Analog Worldwide IC Packaging Market
  • Dual In-Line Packages
  • Transistor Outline and Small Outline Transistor Packages
  • Small Outline Packaging Families
  • Chip Carriers
  • Flat Pack Packages
  • Pin Grid Array Packages
  • Ball Grid Array Packages
  • Wafer-Level Packages
  • Direct Chip Attach

Chapter 5: IC Applications Analysis

Semiconductor Devices Applications Trends

  • Overview, Total Application Market Forecast, and Consumer, Automotive, Computer, Communications, Industrial and Other Forecasts

IC Device Applications Market Analysis

  • Total Devices Market Segments, and Processor, Other Logic, Memory, Analog Devices Applications

IC Packaging Applications Market Analysis

  • Dual In-Line Packages, Transistor Outline and Small Outline Transistor Packages, Small Outline Packaging Families, Chip Carriers, Flat Pack Packages, Pin Grid Array Packages, Ball GridArray Packages, Wafer-Level Packages, Direct Chip Attach

Flip Chip Interconnection Application Trends

Chapter 6: OSAT Market and Strategy Analysis

Outsourcing in the Semiconductor Market

  • Emergence of Fabless Manufacturing
  • Outsourcing IC Packaging

Semiconductor Industry Consolidation

OSAT Market Forecasts

  • OSAT Unit Shipments
  • OSAT Revenues
  • OSAT Average Packaging Prices

Success Strategies for OSATs

Market Leaders Strategies

Chapter 7 OSAT Company Profiles

  • 3D Plus
  • Advotech
  • AIC Semiconductor
  • Amkor Technology
  • ANST China
  • ASE
  • Azimuth
  • Carsem
  • Chant World Technology
  • China Wafer Level CSP
  • ChipMOS
  • Cirtek
  • Deca Technologies
  • FlipChip Int'l
  • Greatek Electronics
  • Hana Microelectronics
  • HANA Micron
  • Integra Technologies
  • Interconnect Systems
  • Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics
  • Lingsen Precision Industries
  • nepes Corp.
  • OSE
  • Palomar Technologies
  • Shinko Electric
  • Signetics
  • Sigurd Microelectronics
  • SPiL
  • SPEL Semiconductor
  • Tera Probe
  • Tianshui Huatian Tech
  • TongFu Microelectronics
  • TSMC
  • Unisem
  • UTAC
  • Walton Advanced Engineering
  • Xintec