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Advanced IC Packaging, Technologies, Materials and Markets - 2018 Edition: A Strategic Report Covering the Latest Technologies in Advanced IC Packaging, Enabling Portable, Wireless and Other Electronics

出版商 New Venture Research 商品编码 226112
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 315 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
先进IC封装的全球市场:2018年版 Advanced IC Packaging, Technologies, Materials and Markets - 2018 Edition: A Strategic Report Covering the Latest Technologies in Advanced IC Packaging, Enabling Portable, Wireless and Other Electronics
出版日期: 2018年11月19日内容资讯: 英文 315 Pages


第1章 简介

第2章 摘要整理

第3章 全球IC封装市场概要

  • 概要
  • 最近的全球市场趋势
  • IC封装市场
  • IC封装市场数量、收益预测
  • IC设备的主要的应用市场
  • 促进半导体部门的成长的产业趋势

第4章 先进包装市场

  • 概要
  • multi-row QFN
  • 多晶片封装技术概要
  • 层积多晶片包装市场区隔
  • 系统级封装 (SiP) 市场概要
  • 电路基板

第5章 互相连接技术与解决方案

  • 互相连接技术概要
  • 引线接合法
  • 覆晶 (FC)
  • 直通矽晶穿孔 (TSV)

第6章 先进IC封装企业的简介

  • 概要
  • 3D Plus, Inc.
  • Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc.
  • Amkor Technology, Inc.
  • Carsem, Inc.
  • ChipMOS Technologies (Bermuda), Ltd.
  • CONNECTEC Japan Corporation
  • Deca Technologies
  • FlipChip International, LLC
  • HANA Micron Co., Ltd.
  • Interconnect Systems Inc. (ISI)
  • Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology
  • Palomar Technologies
  • Powertech Technology, Inc.
  • 新光电气工业
  • Signetics Corporation
  • Siliconware Precision Industries Co.
  • SPEL Semiconductor, Ltd.
  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
  • United Test and Assembly Center, Ltd.
  • Xintec, Inc.


Product Code: ap18

A Strategic Report Covering the Latest Technologies in Advanced IC Packaging, Enabling Portable, Wireless and Other Electronic.


The demand for consumer electronics and mobile communications devices that keep us connected is driving electronics manufacturers to deliver ever-more compact and portable products. Today's users ask for solutions that deliver more functionality, added performance, higher speed, and smaller form factors. Software systems and billions of networked devices are rapidly coalescing into a vast Internet of Things. All of these forces are driving semiconductor companies to develop new advanced IC packaging technologies to provide greater silicon integration in increasingly miniaturized packages. The last decade has seen an explosion of new products including fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLPs), stacked IC packages and complex system-in-packages (SiPs), as well as advances in package substrates, flip chip interconnection and through-silicon vias. All these advances are enabling significant improvements in packaging density and opening new market opportunities for manufacturers.

This latest report from New Venture Research (NVR) , ‘Advanced IC Packaging Technologies, Materials and Markets, 2018 Edition’, reveals the latest technology and market trends in the IC packaging industry by focusing on the most advanced packaging products and solutions-those critical to success in developing cutting-edge products and in maintaining technological leadership. Every market or application segment discussed in the report includes quantitative analysis based on the most current historical years, 2016 and 2017, as well as forecasts from 2018 through 2022. Each of the six chapters examines the market from a different perspective.

Chapter 3: Overview of Worldwide IC Packaging Markets, outlines the major IC packaging market segments in terms of I/O count, device function and the key application markets for IC devices, including cellular phones, tablets, PC, DVD players, digital cameras, etc. This chapter also includes an overview of the major economic and industry trends driving the semiconductor sector, including mergers and acquisitions, and the impact from emerging markets such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Market forecasts include units, prices, packaging revenue, package types and device types.

Chapter 4: Advanced IC Packaging Markets provides an in-depth discussion of the technologies and market trends of the semiconductor industry's advanced packaging solutions:

  • Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP)
  • Multi-row QFN packaging (Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP)
  • Multi-row QFN packaging (MRQFN)
  • Vertically stacked multichip packages: TSOPs, QFNs, FBGAs, and WLPs
  • System-in-packages (SiPs): package-on-packages, package-in-packages, multichip modules and stacked WLPs used as components in SiPs

This chapter analyzes the total market and individual market segments from a number of viewpoints, including their characteristics, functions, applications, technology, and the key challenges facing the various advanced packaging solutions. Numerous tables and figures provide detailed market data and forecasts for unit shipments, revenues, prices, I/O-count, and die usage. The chapter ends with an examination of the substrate materials and embedded components used in SiP assembly. Forecasts include package units, area of shipped materials, and substrate revenues.

Chapter 5: Interconnection Technologies and Solutions, provides a comprehensive examination of wire bonding and flip chip technology and market trends, and includes in-depth analysis of flip chip markets in terms of specific devices and packaging types. The chapter also examines the market potential of through-silicon vias (TSVs) for 2.5D and 3D packaging. The chapter tables and figures present unit shipments and revenue forecasts for each market segment.

Chapter 6: Advanced IC Packaging Company Profiles presents profiles of twenty advanced packaging companies from across the IC packaging spectrum, including large and small competitors from among OSATs, foundries and IDMs. Each profile gives a short company background and presents examples of their advanced packaging products.

‘Advanced IC Packaging Technologies, Materials and Markets, 2018 Edition’ is an effective tool for companies determined to stay informed about the latest advances in IC packaging, and in assessing the future of this important industry.

Report Coverage:

  • Fan-out WLPs
  • Multi-row QFNs
  • Interconnection Technologies
  • Through-Silicon Vias (TSV)
  • 2.5D and 3D Integration
  • Stacked Packages
  • System-in-Package

Report Highlights:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Market Analysis and Forecasts,
  • 2016-2022
  • Multichip Packaging
  • Technology Trends
  • Key Application Forecasts
  • Company Profiles

About the Author:

Jerry Watkins is an independent senior analyst with more than 20 years of direct experience in the field of market research and consulting. He has worked for leading research companies such as Frost & Sullivan, Lucid Information Services, and NSI Research, both in management and as a writer. Mr. Watkins has authored many syndicated reports, previously in the telecommunications and office automation sectors and more recently in the semiconductor industry writing on subjects that include IC packaging and merchant embedded computing. He holds two university degrees, including a B.A. in History and an M.A. in International Studies, but he feels that market research best fulfills his life-long passion for inquiry into difficult subject matters and making it comprehensible to a wide audience. Mr. Watkins has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for most of his career.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Executive Summary

Chapter 3: Overview of Worldwide IC Packaging Markets

  • 3.1. Chapter Overview
  • 3.2. Recent Global Market Trends
  • 3.3. IC Packaging Market
    • Covers: Worldwide IC Packaging Market Segments
  • 3.4. Packaging Market Unit and Revenue Forecasts
    • Includes: Packaging by I/O count and devices
  • 3.5. Key Application Markets for IC Devices
    • Includes: Cellular handsets, Tablets, Personal Computers, Servers, Workstations, Set Top Boxes, DVD Players, MP3/MP4 Players, Digital Cameras, Camcorders, GPS
  • 3.6. Industry Trends Driving the Semiconductor Sector

Chapter 4: Advanced Packaging Markets

  • 4.1. Chapter Overview
    • Covers: Advanced Packaging Markets Segments, Application Trends, Forecasts of Markets
  • 4.2. Fan-Out Wafer Level Packages
    • Covers: WLP Market Overview, Competition and Cooperation, Technology Challenges, Panel Level- Packaging, WLP Trends and Forecasts
  • 4.3. Multi-Row QFN Packages
    • Covers: Market Overview, Trends and Forecasts
  • 4.4. Overview of Multichip Packaging Technology
    • Covers: Types of Multichip Packages, Benefits and Shortcomings, Packaging Challenges and Solutions, Wafer Thinning and MCP Market Trends/Forecasts
  • 4.5. Stacked Multichip Packaging Market Segments
    • Covers: Market Trends and Forecasts for Stacked TSOPs, Stacked QFNs, Stacked FBGAs, Stacked WLPs
  • 4.6. System-in-Packaging Market Overview
    • Covers: Types of SiPs, Key Features of SiPs, SiP vs. System on Chip, Challenges for SiP, Market Trends and Forecasts for total Market Segment, Package-on- Packages, Package-in-Packages, Multichip Modules, Stacked WLPS in SiPs
  • 4.7. Substrates
    • Covers: Market Overview, Substrate Market Trends and Forecasts (materials usage and embedded components)

List of Tables(PARTIAL)*

Chapter 3 Tables: Worldwide IC Packaging Overview

  • Worldwide IC Packaging Unit Shipments by Market Segment
  • Worldwide IC Packaging Annual Revenues by Market Segment
  • Average IC Packaging Prices by Market Segment
  • IC Units, Revenues & Price of Various Application Markets, including: Cellular Phones, Tablets, PCs, Set-Top Boxes, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, and GPS Devices

Chapter 4 Tables: Advanced Packaging Markets

  • Total Advanced IC Packaging Unit Shipments and Revenues
  • Wafer-Level Packages Unit Shipments by I/O Count and Pitch
  • Fan-Out WLPs by Units, Price, and Revenues
  • Multi-Row QFNs by Units, Price, and Revenues
  • Total Multichip Packaging Unit Shipments, ICs Used and Revenues by Market Segment
  • MCP Unit Shipments by Application
  • MCP Units by Device Function
  • MCP Units by Interconnection Method
  • Stacked TSOP Market by Unit Shipments, Price, and Revenues
  • Stacked FBGA Market by Unit Shipments, Price, and Revenues
  • Stacked QFN Market by Unit Shipments, Price, and Revenues
  • Stacked WLP Market by Unit Shipments, Price, and Revenues
  • System-in-package Market by Units, Price, Revenues
  • Market Segments and Total ICs
  • Package-on-Packages by Units, Price, Revenues and Total ICs
  • Package-in-Packages by Units, Price, Revenues and Total ICs
  • Multichip Modules by Units, Price, Revenues and Total ICs
  • Stacked WLPs Used in SiPs by Units, Price, and Revenues
  • Total Substrate Package Units and Revenues by Type of Substrate

Chapter 5 Tables: Interconnection Technologies and Solutions

  • Total IC Packaging Unit Shipments and Revenues by Interconnection Segment
  • Total Wire Bonding Unit Shipments and Revenues, by Device Type and I/O Count
  • Total Flip Chip Package Unit Shipments and Revenues by Package Type and I/O Count
  • Individual IC Device Flip Chip Package Market Segments by Packaging Type Unit Shipments, Revenue and Share of Market
  • Bare Die Flip Chip Packages by Type of Interconnection
  • Through-Silicon Vias Unit Shipments by Type of MCP

* (all tables provide data for 2016 through 2022)