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Global Electricity Metering Market Dataset (2020 - 2029)

出版商 Northeast Group, LLC 商品编码 978822
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 35,000 Data Points + 41-Slide Presentation
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
电力数量计市场资料套组(2020年~2029年) Global Electricity Metering Market Dataset (2020 - 2029)
出版日期: 2020年12月23日内容资讯: 英文 35,000 Data Points + 41-Slide Presentation





  • 住宅AMI仪表
  • 住宅传统仪表
  • 商用及工业用仪表
  • AMR仪表(部分国)

The global electricity metering market currently represents $16.0 billion in annual investment, although it is just $12.0 billion excluding China. The market includes legacy metering, one-way communicating AMR meters, two-way communicating AMI metering systems, and C&I meters. Annual investment in electricity metering will peak in 2021 at $19.0 billion ($13.4bn ex. China) as markets slightly recover from Covid-19 and new deployments accelerate, before averaging between $12 to $18 billion between 2020 - 2029. This dataset of over 35,000 data points covers 125 individual countries that comprise more than 98% of the global market.

Compiled from Primary Sources

This dataset was compiled from primary sources. Northeast Group compiled primary sources from each of the 125 countries in order to build a bottom-up analysis of the global market. This ensures that the data is not a top-down estimate, compiled on a regional or global basis, but rather a country-by-country and segment-by-segment analysis that provides a detailed and exhaustive picture of the global market.

Data Split by Segment

The data is broken down into three primary segments, including 26 total lines of data for each country:

  • Residential AMI meters;
  • Residential legacy meters;
  • Commercial and industrial meters;
  • For select countries, data on AMR meters is also provided.

Forecasts to 2029

Northeast Group has projected the electricity metering market out to 2029 for each of the 125 countries and for each segment of the market. These forecasts are compiled from primary source data run through Northeast Group's proprietary forecasting models.

Excel Format Allowing for Customization

The dataset is compiled in Excel, allowing for easy data manipulation and customization by clients. An executive summary 41-slide presentation is also included as part of the research package.