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Competitor Analysis: Coagulation Factors

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出版日期 内容信息 英文 158 Pages
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竞争分析:凝血因子 Competitor Analysis: Coagulation Factors
出版日期: 2013年05月04日 内容信息: 英文 158 Pages




  • 血友病基因重组的凝血因子的销售额
  • 人体血浆来源凝血因子VIII浓缩剂
  • 基因重组的凝血因子IX
  • 人体血浆来源因子VII
  • 基因重组的凝血因子VII
  • 血管性血友病人体血浆来源凝血因子浓缩剂
  • 基因重组的人体血友病因子(vWF)
  • 人体血浆来源纤维蛋白原
  • 基因重组的人体纤维蛋白原
  • 人体血浆来源因子XI
  • 人体血浆来源因子X
  • 基因重组的人因子X
  • 人体血浆来源因子XIII
  • 基因重组的人因子XIII
  • 替代凝结催化剂·补助剂
  • 人体血浆来源凝血素原复合体浓缩制剂
  • 血友病的基因治疗
  • 局部的人体血浆来源纤维蛋白原复合体浓缩剂
  • 局部血浆来源凝血素原复合体浓缩剂
  • 局部的基因重组的人体因子II(凝血素原)
  • 替代局部止血药
  • 企业的凝血因子产品系列及R&D开发平台


Product Code: LMCA0027

The Competitive Intelligence Report ‘Coagulation Factors‘ provides a competitor analysis of plasma-derived and recombinant coagulation factors for topical or systemic administration to treat hereditary or acquired coagulation disorders as of May 2013. Purchase of the pdf report includes a 6-month online access to the data of the report and any updates since the publication date. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail and allow online work with the project data to print or export an individual report.

Global sales of the six major recombinant branded products of coagulation factors VIII, IX and VIIa in 20012 were US$ 7.2 bln. This attractive market size and the soon beginning expiration of basic patents stimulated established hemophilia product companies as well as companies with new technologies to enter the race for next generation systemic coagulation factor products. Projects have rapidly progressed in clinical trials and several of them are already under regulatory review.

Apart from recombinant products, plasma-derived coagulation factors still play a considerable role, albeit bovine derived products are considerably being challenged by human recombinant and human plasma-derived products. Coagulation factors not only are being used for systemic treatment of hereditary coagulation factor deficiencies, but also for topical or systemic treatment of bleedings.

The report includes a compilation of current active projects in research and development of topical and systemic coagulation factors obtained by purification of human plasma or by recombinant DNA technology. In addition, the report lists company-specific product portoflios and R&D pipelines of coagulation factors.

Competitor projects are listed in a tabular format providing information on:

  • Drug Codes,
  • Target / Mechanism of Action,
  • Class of Compound,
  • Company,
  • Product Category,
  • Indication,
  • R&D Stage and
  • additional comments with a hyperlink leading to the source of information.

About Competitor Analysis Series:

The Competitor Analysis Series delivers NO-FRILLS, but concise information about the pipeline of R&D projects for targets, diseases, technologies and companies at low prices. The information is provided in a tabular format and fully referenced.

Table of Contents

  • Sales of Recombinant Coagulation Factors for Hemophilia in 2012
  • Human Plasma-Derived Coagulation Factor VIII Concentrates
  • Recombinant Coagulation Factor VIII
  • Human Plasma-Derived Coagulation Factor IX
  • Recombinant Coagulation Factor IX
  • Human Plasma-Derived Factor VII
  • Recombinant Coagulation Factor VII
  • Human Plasma-Derived Coagulation Factor Concentrates for Willebrand Disease
  • Recombinant Human von Willebrand Factor (vWF)
  • Human Plasma-Derived Fibrinogen
  • Recombinant Human Fibrinogen
  • Human Plasma-Derived Factor XI
  • Human Plasma-Derived Factor X
  • Recombinant Human Factor X
  • Human Plasma-Derived Factor XIII
  • Recombinant Human Factor XIII
  • Alternative Procoagulants & Adjuncts
  • Human Plasma-Derived Prothrombin Complex Concentrates
  • Gene Therapy of Hemophilia
  • Topical Human Plasma-Derived Fibrinogen and Thrombin Products
  • Topical Plasma-Derived Thrombin Products
  • Topical Recombinant Human Factor II (Prothrombin)
  • Alternative Topical Hemostats
  • Corporate Coagulation Factor Product Portfolios and R&D Pipelines
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