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Cloud POS - Why The Time Might Be Right

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云端型POS系统:为何现在是适合引进的时期 Cloud POS - Why The Time Might Be Right
出版日期: 2015年09月17日 内容信息: 英文




  • 简介/背景情况和目的
  • 定义

第1章 成为分析契机的市场主要趋势

  • 100万台POS终端,至今仍支持Windows XP
  • 全方位流通管道环境下的消费者取向商店
  • 单纯的业务逻辑的必要性
  • 目前POS的范例
  • 行销部门、财务部门的见解
  • 中枢部的见解
  • 周边设备、当地设备的应对
  • 软件的购买方法的变化

第2章 云端的案例

  • 云端有作用时
  • 云端未作用时
  • 风险的缓和
  • 以行动付款与EMV方式能全部解决吗?
  • 实际上,成本会是多少?

第3章 市场规模的测量

第4章 最佳业务实践

  • 选择离线环境下也能理解事态重要性的供应商
  • 网路的双重化
  • 安全比设备重要
  • 地理围栏 (geofence) 与交易数据保存的组合
  • 应对自己的问题:在达成要求时,是否准备好充分的弹性?

第5章 现在是适合引进的时期吗?




It wasn't all that long ago that when someone mentioned “the cloud” as an option for Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, those in the know would scoff and say, “It's just not possible.” And quite frankly, the initial deployments of cloud POS systems were not very good. Yet with new iterations of systems and a rapidly changing retail landscape that requires the same data wherever the consumer wishes to shop, many retailers are beginning to consider a Cloud-based POS application as a viable solution. Make no mistake, it is not for every retailer size and shape, but new hybrid deployments, along with the participation of larger retailers in the discussion, are making the potential use of the cloud for POS as worthy of the discussion, something most retailers would not even consider even 2 years ago.

This research is a combination of numerous IHL research studies throughout the last 12 months as well as retail and vendor discussions. It takes into consideration recent retailer and vendor mergers and the fact that more and more vendors are building POS products from the inside out. Meaning they are starting with the Order Management System and adding a front-end POS application that can run across mobile, ecommerce and traditional POS platforms.

We review the best practices, where it makes sense and where it doesn't. In the process, we discuss how the goals of retailers and an integrated system are being challenged with the rapid evolvement of payment technologies like EMV and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay. It is just the beginning of the discussion, one that traditional vendors should take note of and retailers of all sizes should at least review.


Is it the cloud or is it in the fog? As retailers look more and more to a single transaction engine, driven off of a single Order Management System, the concept of cloud-based POS applications begins to make more sense. But vendors and retailers alike must take into consideration things like offline mode, merchandise pickup at the store for online purchases and ship from store. What is right for one type of retailer might not be OK for another. This research helps vendors think through their architecture and for retailers to plan how if cloud or a hybrid of a cloud POS might best meet their needs. We call it foggy because the best solution might be a combination of the traditional POS approach and the cloud components.


Figure 2 - Desire for a Singular Transaction Engine

Note: Data from Stores Reinvented - 11th Annual RIS News IHL Group Store Systems Study 7/14

Table of Contents


  • Introduction / Background and Objectives
  • Definitions

1.0 Key Trends Driving This Thought

  • One Million POS Terminals Just Lost Support for Windows XP
  • The Consumer Shops in Omni-Channel
  • Need for a Single Business Logic
  • Current POS Paradigms
  • Marketing Has a Say....and Budget Too
  • A Centralized View
  • Peripheral and Local Device Support
  • Changing Way Software Is Purchased

2.0 The Case For Cloud

  • Where it Works
  • Where it Doesn't
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Mobile Payments and EMV Solve Everything, Right?
  • Seriously, What Are The Costs?

3.0 Market Sizing

4.0 Best Practices

  • Pick a Vendor That Understands Offline
  • Duplicate Networks
  • Security is Much More Than Just a Device
  • Geofence, but Save the Transaction Data
  • Do Your Homework - Is There Enough Flexibility for Your Desires

5.0 Is The Time Right?

List of Figures

  • Figure 1 - Stumbling Blocks for Omni-Channel Readiness
  • Figure 2 - Desire for a Singular Transaction Engine
  • Figure 3 - Projected North American Installed Base for Cloud POS
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