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Lending Excellence Is Composed of Many Moving Parts

出版商 IDC 商品编码 972068
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 15 Pages
构成卓越融资的广泛要素 Lending Excellence Is Composed of Many Moving Parts
出版日期: 2020年11月17日内容资讯: 英文 15 Pages






  • 出色的融资的资质
    • Initiation and Origination
    • 授信决策
    • 整备
    • 搜集
      • 为了提高搜集的情报分析
      • 确保第三方收款成功
      • 工作流程
      • 生产率
    • 恢复与默认管理
  • 基本的功能



  • 相关调查
  • 摘要
Product Code: AP46529120

This IDC study describes the pursuit of lending excellence by Asia/Pacific banks and lending institutions through broadening and deepening their capabilities throughout various points of the lending life cycle. Lending excellence ensures speed of critical business processes, accuracy and precision of the credit decision, and timeliness and accuracy of decisions across different parts of the lending business."The ideal and all-encompassing mindset in lending excellence is risk-based decision analytics. The application of risk models to create risk scores for loan application or loan underwriting is already well-established in banks. This experience should be extended for risk-based scores in initiation, collections, and recovery as well as to many other crucial decisions in lending," says Michael Araneta, associate VP for IDC Financial Insights, Asia/Pacific."In the era when new and alternative data can hone credit models, it might be in data and data analytics by which the participation of banks in lending will be most welcome. Some, however, will grow big and well beyond the start-up and tech worlds. Financial technology (fintech) banks will emerge and will compete more directly with traditional banks," adds Darshiniy Selvaratnam, senior market analyst, IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific.

Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

  • The Makings of Lending Excellence
    • Initiation and Origination
    • Credit Decisioning
    • Servicing
    • Collections
      • Analytics for Greater Intelligence in Collections
      • Ensuring Success of Third Parties in Collections
      • Workflow
      • Productivity
    • Recovery and Default Management
  • Fundamental Capabilities

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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