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欧洲、中东、非洲各国 (EMEA)的会议服务市场的未来预测 (2016~2020年)

EMEA Conferencing Services Forecast, 2018-2022

出版商 IDC 商品编码 364987
出版日期 内容信息 英文 21 Pages
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欧洲、中东、非洲各国 (EMEA)的会议服务市场的未来预测 (2016~2020年) EMEA Conferencing Services Forecast, 2018-2022
出版日期: 2018年06月08日 内容信息: 英文 21 Pages

在欧洲、中东、非洲各国中,会议服务市场也正在成长。各通讯服务供应商 (CSP) 建议远隔会议服务作为企业用综合服务的一环。但,为了尽可能发挥远隔会议服务的潜在效果,企业方面也需要构筑可迅速调整和管理规模的系统,整备好身处远地的员工 (包含行动线路和社群媒体) 能使用的环境。并且如果可以提供针对每个的行业的特性的服务,应可强化利用体验,整备出产生商务上的成果般的合作体制。

本报告提供欧洲、中东、非洲各国 (EMEA) 的远隔会议服务市场未来趋势相关分析,远隔会议 (电话会议、Web会议、视频会议)的目前普及情形,及今后的市场趋势预测,各地区、各国 (共29个国家:西欧,中东欧,中东,非洲)的详细趋势及全球整体的比较,市场相关人员 (CSP等) 应取行动等相关调查与考察。

IDC的市场趋势预测 (图表)





  • 市场促进、阻碍因素
    • 推动因素
      • 商务的中心地的UC策略相关的会议
      • 云端服务的登场
      • WebRTC
    • 阻碍因素
      • 继续朝P变化
      • 对有效率的通讯策略的抗拒感
  • 市场主要趋势
  • 上次预测后的变更点


  • 会议服务的分类
  • 电话会议 (语音会议)
    • 市场收益额的预测
    • 不适用预测的收益种类
  • Web会议
    • 预测对象的收益种类
    • 不适用预测的收益种类
      • 应用托管服务管理服务
      • SaaS/随选、服务
  • 视频会议
    • 预测对象的收益种类
    • 不适用预测的收益种类
      • 托管/管理、内部部署
      • SaaS/随选、服务




Product Code: EMEA43853718

This IDC Market Forecast examines the EMEA conferencing services markets. The document covers main market trends and provides actionable advice to service providers of enterprise conferencing services. "The conferencing services market in EMEA is expected to have sustained growth throughout the forecast period, growing with a CAGR of 2.2% to reach $4,171.8 million in 2022," said Melissa Fremeijer, senior research analyst, IDC EMEA Telecommunications and Networking. Collaboration will remain a priority for organizations to effectively connect the (globally) dispersed workforce and accelerate digital transformation that will continue to fuel the conferencing services revenues going forward. That said, the conferencing market is getting increasingly commoditized due to feature parity between conferencing services provided by multiple providers, therefore it is crucial to find ways to differentiate from the rest to keep ahead of the curve.

IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Forecast

Market Context

  • Drivers and Inhibitors
    • Drivers
      • Collaboration Defines Digital Transformation Success
      • Cloud, Mobility, and Interoperability Continue to Rule
      • Platform Economy and Innovation Accelerators are Upcoming
    • Inhibitors
      • Market Maturity has its (Eroding) Price
      • Disruptors are Gaining Ground
  • Significant Market Developments
    • Audio Conferencing
    • Videoconferencing
    • Web Conferencing
  • Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition

  • Conferencing Service Segmentations
    • Audio Conferencing
      • Revenues Included in Forecast
      • Types of Revenues Excluded from Forecast
    • Web Conferencing
      • Types of Services/Capabilities Included in Forecast
      • Types of Services/Capabilities Excluded from Forecast
    • Hosted Application Management Delivery
    • SaaS/On-Demand Delivery
    • Videoconferencing
      • Types of Revenue Included in Forecast
      • Types of Revenue Excluded in Forecast
    • Hosted/Managed On-Premise
    • SaaS/On-Demand Delivery


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