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Quantum Computing - Thematic Research

出版商 GlobalData 商品编码 991985
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 49 Pages
量子运算:各主题分析 Quantum Computing - Thematic Research
出版日期: 2021年02月26日内容资讯: 英文 49 Pages


本报告提供全球量子运算市场上最新形势与未来展望相关分析,今后12~24个月间可产生的各种关于趋势 - 技术性趋势与宏觀经济趋势 - 与其影响考察,量子电脑技术的概要和主要的优点,价值链的概要 (量子基础设施,量子硬体设备平台,量子软体,量子应用,量子服务),长期性的成长机会,主要企业的简介等资讯汇整,为您概述为以下内容。



  • 市场参与企业
  • 技术的概要
  • 趋势
  • 产业分析
  • 价值链
  • 企业
  • 各部门计分卡
  • 词汇表
  • 参考文件
  • 关于 "各主题分析" (Thematic Research)的手法


Product Code: GDTMT-TR-S298

Theoretically, quantum computing can complete in seconds tasks that would take classical computers thousands or even millions of years. Quantum computers are machines that use the properties of quantum physics to store data and perform computations. Use cases stretch from improved weather forecasting to cracking the codes used to encrypt all internet messaging. The company (or government) that owns the first at-scale quantum computer will be powerful indeed.

JP Morgan, Volkswagen, and Lockheed Martin are already working closely with the leading quantum computing companies, IBM, Google, Honeywell, and D-Wave, to develop skillsets in readiness for the quantum age with a stepping stone approach. The sector leaders are all creating Quantum-as-a-Service (QaaS) offerings on specialist cloud-based platforms, where prospective customers can experiment with quantum devices and start developing quantum code.


  • This report provides an overview of the quantum computing theme.
  • It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the theme over the next 12 to 24 months, split into two categories: technology trends and macroeconomic trends.
  • It includes a comprehensive technology briefing, which explains what quantum computers are, how they work, and why they are superior to classical computers.
  • The detailed value chain comprises five segments: quantum infrastructure, quantum hardware platform, quantum software, quantum applications, and quantum services.

Reasons to Buy

  • Within the next five to seven years, intermediate quantum computers are likely to become available that can offer a quantum advantage over classical computers in certain optimization applications across, for example, space warfare, logistics, drug discovery, and options trading.
  • This report will help you understand what quantum computing is and its potential impact across industries. It also includes details of the companies leading the charge towards quantum supremacy.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive summary

  • Players
  • Technology briefing
  • Trends
  • Industry analysis
  • Value chain
  • Companies
  • Sector scorecard
  • Glossary
  • Further reading
  • Thematic methodology