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云端游戏 - 各主题调查

Cloud Gaming - Thematic Research

出版商 GlobalData 商品编码 986108
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 32 Pages
云端游戏 - 各主题调查 Cloud Gaming - Thematic Research
出版日期: 2021年02月01日内容资讯: 英文 32 Pages

云端游戏,就像影片和音讯流重新构建了音乐、电影和电视产业一样,今后10年将根本地改变电玩游戏产业。市场处于非常初期的阶段,不过,竞争激化,大技术企业(Sony,Google,腾讯,Microsoft,Nvidia,Facebook,及 Amazon等)与通讯企业(Deutsche Telekom,Verizon,AT&T,Vodafone,KT 及 China Mobile等)参加。 Ubisoft 和ElectronicArts 等游戏发行者,和服务供应商缔结合作关系,提高在这个发展中的市场上的知名度。





  • 企业
  • 技术概要
  • 趋势
  • 产业分析
  • 价值链
  • 企业
  • 部门的计分卡
  • 词汇表
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Product Code: GDTMT-TR-S296

Cloud gaming will fundamentally change the video games industry over the next 10 years, just as video and audio streaming has reshaped the music, film, and TV industries. The market is at a very early stage, but competition is intensifying, drawing in tech giants (including Sony, Google, Tencent, Microsoft, Nvidia, Facebook, and Amazon) and telcos (like Deutsche Telekom, Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, KT, and China Mobile). Game publishers like Ubisoft and Electronic Arts have formed partnerships with service providers to increase their prominence in this developing market.

Tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Sony, and Nvidia are banking on subscription models to help them become the "Netflix of gaming". Exclusive content will be critical to attracting customers. Thanks to their massive libraries of exclusive games, Microsoft, Sony, and Tencent are potential winners in the subscription model. Providers of subscription-based cloud gaming services that lack exclusive games will struggle to compete.


  • This report provides an overview of the cloud gaming theme.
  • It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the theme over the next 12 to 24 months, split into three categories: technology trends, macroeconomic trends, and regulatory trends.
  • It includes a comprehensive industry analysis, including forecasts for cloud gaming revenues to 2030.
  • The detailed value chain comprises four layers: a content layer, a service layer, a connectivity layer, and a device layer.

Reasons to Buy

  • Worth $1bn in 2020, the global cloud gaming market will grow to become a $30bn industry by 2030, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40% over this 10-year period, according to GlobalData estimates.
  • By revenue, cloud gaming accounted for less than 1% of the video games industry in 2020, but it has the potential to disrupt how games are distributed, consumed, and monetized. In 10 years, traditional PC and console games will have been replaced by games hosted in the cloud and accessed via thin-client PCs, consoles, or mobiles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive summary

  • Players
  • Technology briefing
  • Trends
  • Industry analysis
  • Value chain
  • Companies
  • Sector scorecard
  • Glossary
  • Further reading
  • Thematic methodology