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North American Military Aircraft and Engine MRO Market

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品编码 245404
出版日期 内容信息 英文 73 Pages
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北美军用飞机·引擎的MRO市场 North American Military Aircraft and Engine MRO Market
出版日期: 2012年06月18日 内容信息: 英文 73 Pages



第1章 市场概要

  • 调查概要
  • 用语·简称
  • 北美军用飞机·引擎的MRO市场

第2章 外部的课题:推动因素与阻碍因素:综合市场

  • 推动市场要素
  • 阻碍市场要素

第3章 预测与趋势:综合市场

  • 预测的背景
  • 预测详细内容

第4章 市场区隔分析

  • 市场区隔的背景
  • 单次服务市场区隔
  • 签约服务市场区隔

第5章 市场占有率和竞争分析:综合市场

  • 竞争内容
  • 竞标

第6章 各国分析

  • 美国和加拿大的差异
  • 美国市场
  • 加拿大市场

第7章 结论与建议

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U.S. and Canadian military services are experiencing a significant shift in MRO spending. The return of aircraft from combat areas will reduce general demand and may change the levels of organic support services. The replacement of legacy aircraft with smaller fleets of new aircraft will result in reduced need for contracted services. Frost & Sullivan's aerospace and defense group found that spending for North American military MRO exceeded $35.1 billion in 2011, and is expected to decline after 2013. Spending will become more selective and specialized at that point.

Table of Contents

1. Market Overview

  • Research Concept Information
    • Key Questions Answered in this Study
    • Market Overview - Segmentation
    • Definition of Spending/Revenue
  • Terms and Acronyms
    • Definition of Terms
    • Acronyms Used
  • North American Military Aircraft and Engine MRO Market
    • General Military and Engine MRO Market
    • Market Engineering Measurements
    • Overview of the U.S. MRO Market
    • Overview of the Canadian MRO Market

2. External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints - Total Market

  • Market Drivers
    • List of Market Drivers
    • Current Operations Sustain High MRO Opportunities
    • Aging Aircraft Increases Potential for MRO Revenue
    • Alliances Supporting Whole-life and Integrated Contracts
  • Market Restraints
    • List of Market Restraints
    • Shortage of Skilled Aircraft Maintenance Personnel
    • Demand Reduction Due to Reduced Operations
    • Federal Regulations Limit U.S. Military MRO Opportunities
    • Increased Privatization Affects Competition and Price
    • Funding Issues with the Current Budget

3. Forecasts and Trends - Total Market

  • Forecast Background
    • Forecasts and Trends - Forecast Assumptions
  • Forecast Specifics
    • Spending Forecast Discussion
    • Spending Forecast Discussion for Market Segments

4. Market Segment Analysis

  • Segmentation Background
    • Market Segment Analysis - General Discussion of Maintenance Segments
    • Field Maintenance
    • Segment Estimates
  • Primary Addressable Segments
    • Airframe MRO Segment
    • Engine MRO Segment
    • Component MRO Segment
  • Contracted Services' Segmentation
    • Overall Contractor Services
    • Contractor Services' Segmentation
    • Contractor Forecasts

5. Market Share and Competitive Analysis - Total Market

  • Competitive Details
    • Market Share and Competitive Analysis - Market Share Analysis
    • Competitive Environment
    • Competitive Factors and Assessment
  • Competitive Awards
    • Customer Value Enhancement Award: Military Aircraft MRO - L-3 Communications
    • Customer Value Enhancement Award: Military Engine MRO - Standard Aero

6. Country Analysis

  • General Discussion of Differences between the United States and Canada
    • Country Analysis - North American Differences
  • U.S. Market Discussion
    • U.S. Market
  • Canadian Market Discussion
    • Canadian Market

7. Conclusion and Recommendation

  • Concluding Material
    • Conclusions
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