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客户体验管理调查 - 印度尼西亚银行部门:2021 年

Indonesian Banking Customer Experience Management Study 2021

出版商 Frost & Sullivan 商品编码 1009624
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 81 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
客户体验管理调查 - 印度尼西亚银行部门:2021 年 Indonesian Banking Customer Experience Management Study 2021
出版日期: 2021年05月31日内容资讯: 英文 81 Pages






CEM 调查-印尼银行业部

  • 服务中断
  • 主要银行之间的服务中断率
  • 银行产品/服务最常用的渠道
  • 银行产品/服务的优先渠道
  • 客户体验优先矩阵
  • 客户体验频率矩阵
  • 渠道整合度
  • 优先考虑良好的客户体验并履行您的销售承诺
  • 客户忠诚度奖励
  • 银行积极行为
  • 客户体验:按渠道/接触点


  • 选择主要零售银行的因素
  • 产品/服务推荐:按主要银行
  • 预购阶段使用的渠道
  • 用于预购查询的渠道
  • 购买前接触点的客户体验
  • 购买前客户体验评估:按渠道
  • 购买阶段使用的渠道
  • 购买阶段的优先通道
  • 购买阶段接触点的客户体验
  • 满意-在线平台
  • 满意度-分支
  • 满意度-移动应用、呼叫中心
  • 满意度分销商,ATM
  • 满意度-实时消息传递、聊天机器人
  • 售后阶段使用的渠道
  • 重新访问购买后查询渠道
  • 用于售后查询的渠道
  • 客户在购买后阶段的接触点体验
  • 售后客户体验评价:按渠道

CEI 分析

  • 客户忠诚度和推荐
  • CEI 总分:按渠道/接触点
  • CEI 分数:按主要银行-整体经验
  • 分支机构的 CEI 分数
  • 自助服务渠道的 CEI 分数
  • 联络中心的 CEI 分数
  • 在线渠道的 CEI 分数
  • 移动应用程序的 CEI 分数
  • 净推荐值

Frost & Sullivan 客户体验解决方案

Product Code: PBC6-76

Benchmarking Industry Excellence in Delivering a Superior Customer Experience

Customer experience is the accumulation of a customer's experiences throughout his/her journey with a supplier across functions, products, services, and touchpoints. This study adopts the proprietary Customer Experience Index methodology and the widely used Net Promoter Score metric to understand the dynamics between customers and retail banks in Indonesia. The country continues to capitalize on the growing number of retail bank users in Southeast Asia as many individuals rely on banking services and products for both personal and business uses.

Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Management study in the banking sector explores customer experience among banking providers in Indonesia. The study focuses on critical factors that influence customer behavior throughout the three stages of their retail decision-making journey: pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase. At each stage, the study evaluates the key parameters that contribute to customers' decision to purchase from and transact with a retail bank as well as their preferred channels or touchpoints.

Table of Contents

Research Methodology

  • Frost & Sullivan's Research Approach
  • Frost & Sullivan's Research Approach-Step-by-step Overview
  • Overview of Research Process
  • Sampling Methodology
  • Data Collection Quality Process
  • Sample Distribution-Primary Bank
  • Sample Demographics-Respondents' Age and Gender
  • Sample Demographics-Main Products/Services Purchased
  • Frost & Sullivan Customer Experience Index

Executive Summary

  • Customer Experience Management in the Indonesian Banking Sector in 2021-Overview
  • Customer Experience-Definition
  • Factors in Choosing Primary Bank
  • Factors in Discontinuing Service with Primary Bank
  • Preferred Channel in Consumer Decision-Making in the Banking Sector
  • Degree of Channel Integration
  • Products/Services Recommendations by Primary Bank
  • Overall CEI Score by Channel/Touchpoint
  • CEI Score by Primary Bank-Overall Experience
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards

CEM Study-Indonesian Banking Sector 2021

  • Service Discontinuation
  • Service Discontinuation Rate among Primary Banks
  • Most Used Channels for Banking Products/Services
  • Preferred Channels for Banking Products/Services
  • Customer Priority Experience Matrix
  • Customer Frequency Experience Matrix
  • Degree of Channel Integration
  • Prioritizing Superior Customer Experience and Living up to Sales Promises
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards
  • Proactive Behavior of Banks
  • Customer Experience by Channel/Touchpoint

Understanding Behavior across the Life Cycle-Pre-purchase, Purchase, Post-purchase

  • Factors for Choosing Primary Retail Bank
  • Products/Services Recommendations by Primary Bank
  • Channels Used in the Pre-purchase Stage
  • Channels Used for Pre-purchase Inquiries
  • Customer Experience with Touchpoints in the Pre-purchase Stage
  • Customer Experience Evaluation in the Pre-purchase Stage by Channel
  • Channels Used in the Purchase Stage
  • Preferred Channels in the Purchase Stage
  • Customer Experience with Touchpoints in the Purchase Stage
  • Degree of Satisfaction-Online Platform
  • Degree of Satisfaction-Branch
  • Degree of Satisfaction-Mobile Application and Call Center
  • Degree of Satisfaction-Sales Agent and ATM
  • Degree of Satisfaction-Real-time Messaging and Chatbot
  • Channels Used in the Post-purchase Stage
  • Revisited Channels for Post-purchase Inquiries
  • Channels Used for Post-purchase Inquiries
  • Customer Experience with Touchpoints in the Post-purchase Stage
  • Customer Experience Evaluation in the Post-purchase Stage by Channel

CEI Analysis

  • Customer Loyalty and Recommendation
  • Overall CEI Score by Channel/Touchpoint
  • CEI Score by Primary Bank-Overall Experience
  • CEI Score for Branch
  • CEI Score for Self-service Channels
  • CEI Score for Contact Center
  • CEI Score for Online Channels
  • CEI Score for Mobile Application
  • Net Promoter Score

Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Solutions

  • Why Frost & Sullivan
  • Customer Experience-Definition
  • Integrating Process, People, and Infrastructure
  • Frost & Sullivan's Customer Experience Maturity Model
  • A 5-step Strategic Approach
  • List of Exhibits
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • List of Exhibits (continued)
  • Legal Disclaimer