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Operator Tablet Strategies and Forecasts: Western Europe and the USA

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出版日期 内容信息 英文 PPT (34 slides)
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业者的平板计算机策略及预测:西欧及美国 Operator Tablet Strategies and Forecasts: Western Europe and the USA
出版日期: 2012年09月28日 内容信息: 英文 PPT (34 slides)

连接平板计算机及电子书,占2011年的西欧行动宽带净增用户增加数整体的56%。平板计算机销售台数急速扩大,预计2012年年终的全球销售台数,将为现在的2倍以上,达到1亿3,000万台。因此该市场的知名度的维持对业者来说非常重要。具有连接性的平板计算机和电子书成为推动业者的DATA ARPU的数据共享计划(shared data plan)的引进强力的推动因素。



  • 价钱·补助金·行动数据费用相关业者的建议
  • 欧洲·美国的业者60间公司的平板计算机网路零售的详细内容:设备模式·各屏幕大小
  • 欧洲的行动宽带预测:中型屏幕 vs 大型屏幕
  • 链接平板计算机的引进推动因素·阻碍要素
  • 业者的平板计算机零售策略分析
  • 中型屏幕行动宽带预测:法国·德国·义大利·西班牙·英国·美国



The priority for operators is to bring connectivity to existing and new tablet users.

Connected tablets and e-readers contributed to 56% of the total number of mobile broadband net additions in 2011 in Western Europe. Tablet sales are increasing fast and could more than double to 130 million unit sales worldwide by the end of 2012. It is therefore important for operators to retain some level of visibility in that market. Tablets and e-readers, when connectable, are strong drivers for shared data plan adoption, which boosts operator data ARPU.

This Viewpoint provides:

  • recommendations for operators on pricing, subsidies and mobile data tariffs
  • online tablet retail breakdown across 60 operators in Europe and the USA by device model and screen size
  • European mobile broadband forecasts 2012-2017: mid-screen versus large-screen
  • market drivers and inhibitors for connected tablet adoption
  • analysis of operators' retail strategies for tablets
  • detailed mid-screen mobile broadband forecasts 2012-2017 for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA.
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