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室内定位、RTLS (即时位置测位系统) 市场更新

Indoor Positioning and RTLS Market Update

出版商 ABI Research 商品编码 825181
出版日期 内容资讯 英文 39 Pages
商品交期: 最快1-2个工作天内
室内定位、RTLS (即时位置测位系统) 市场更新 Indoor Positioning and RTLS Market Update
出版日期: 2019年04月23日内容资讯: 英文 39 Pages

本报告以室内定位及RTLS (即时位置测位系统) 为焦点,提供主要相关定位技术的介绍与其室内定位环境的利用法,RTLS市场定量评估,生态系统的各垂直产业、各技术的预测等。


  • RTLS 概要
  • RTLS 利用案例
  • RTLS 技术
  • RTLS 价值链
  • 执行
  • 案例研究: E.Leclerc and Zumtobel
  • 执行:各技术
  • 执行:垂直各产业
  • 硬体设备收益:各技术
  • 硬体设备收益:垂直各产业
  • 锚点
  • 案例研究: NGK Ceramics, ThinkIN, 及 Quuppa
  • 锚点出货量
  • 标签
  • 标签出货量
  • 感测融合标签
  • 主要的利用案例
  • 科技杂合反应的案例
  • 技术的组合
  • 案例研究: Orlando VA Medical Center and Mist Systems
  • RTLS: 要点
  • 可扩展性的建议
  • 用语
Product Code: PT-2261

After introducing the main relevant location technologies and giving a brief overview of how they work in the context of indoor location, this presentation provides qualitative assessment of the Real-Time Location System (RTLS) market, coupled with ABI Research's forecasts for the different verticals and technologies in this ecosystem. Disruptive forces for RTLS are identified and their role in the current and future ecosystem is discussed. Particular attention is given to the problem of scalability, and several potential ways to alleviate these issues and drive scalability are discussed.

The verticals for which forecasts are given and assessed are the same as the ones in MD-RTLS, namely: Financial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Public Venues, Retail, Sports, and Transportations and Logistics. The indoor location technologies taken into consideration are Bluetooth, Active RFID, Wi-Fi, UWB, VLC, Small Cells, and Ultrasound. Separate discussion is provided around Sensor Fusion, which is not a standalone technology, but rather a capability added on top of any of the previous technologies to improve location accuracy or augment data.

Companies Mentioned:

  • Aruba
  • Estimote
  • Mist Systems
  • Polaris Wireless
  • Quuppa
  • u-blox
  • Wiliot

Table of Contents

  • RTLS Overview
  • RTLS Use Cases
  • RTLS Technologies
  • RTLS Value Chain
  • Implementations
  • Case Study: E.Leclerc and Zumtobel
  • Implementations by Technology
  • Implementations by Vertical
  • Hardware Revenues by Technology
  • Hardware Revenues by Vertical
  • Anchor Points
  • Case Study: NGK Ceramics, ThinkIN, and Quuppa
  • Anchor Points Shipments
  • Tags
  • Tag Shipments
  • Sensor Fusion Tags
  • Key Use Cases
  • The Case for Technology Hybridization
  • Technology Combinations
  • Case Study: Orlando VA Medical Center and Mist Systems
  • RTLS: Key Takeaways
  • Scalability Recommendations
  • Glossary