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Global 5G Tariff Tracker - Q3 2020 edition

出版商 Tariff Consultancy Ltd. 商品编码 963005
出版日期 年间契约型资讯服务 内容资讯 英文
全球5G速率:2020年第三季度 Global 5G Tariff Tracker - Q3 2020 edition
出版日期: 年间契约型资讯服务内容资讯: 英文



  • 迄今为止,最常见的5G移动流量是无限的(包括作为计划一部分提供FUP的运营商),其次是12种10-50GB和少于10GB的计划。由于它被认为是%,因此它所占的比例比以前更高。
  • 定价上限略高于235欧元,下限约10欧元。
  • 数据通信容量范围从□□1GB到6TB,这是海灣合作委员会国家中可用的最高容量。
  • 许多企业正在采用和增加预付费。 尽管大多数人仅在顶级预付费套餐中提供5G服务,但爱尔兰运营商已设定了附加费用。
  • 尽管5G设备的市场投放在增加,但许多运营商仍然只提供少数几个,并且更多的计划在圣诞节和2021年初进行。
  • Voxi(英国沃达丰)和MVNO(英国特易购)等子品牌开始支持5G。



  • 可用的5G服务计划
  • 5G服务覆盖范围和速度
  • 5G服务定价和综合补贴
  • 可用的5G服务设备


  • 概述和主要趋势
  • 4G/5G定价
  • 5G智能手机和设备
  • 其他5G新闻


  • PowerPoint(每个更新20张以上的幻灯片)
  • Excel表计算(每个更新1个任务)
Product Code: 5G TT 2020

Telecomspricing has identified commercial 5G in 31 countries from 75 operators with close to 400 plans.

Some of the highlights of the Q5 Tariff Tracker Q3 2020 edition include:

  • To date the most common 5G mobile allowance is the unlimited mobile data allowance (unlimited includes operators that offer FUP as part of a plan) , followed by the between 10 and 50 GB, and plans under 10 GB now just represent 12% compared to a far higher percentage with the previous edition.
  • At the top end of pricing, it goes just above Euro 235 and around the Euro 10 at the other end of the scale.
  • Data allowances go from anything of 1 GB up to 6 Terrabytes, with the highest allowances by far offered in the GCC countries.
  • Prepaid is on the increase with a number of operators having launched prepaid, with one of the lastest operator to do so 3 Ireland charging an add-on fee, whereas other operators decided to make 5G available to the top prepaid plans only.
  • More 5G devices have come on the market but many operators still only offer just a handful with more planned in the lead up to Christmas and early 2021.
  • Sub-brands like Voxi (Vodafone UK) and MVNO (Tesco UK) start making their offerings 5G ready

Table of Contents

For each of the MNO 5G launches the 5G Price Tracker provides the following details:

  • 1. The 5G service plans available
  • 2. The 5G service coverage and speeds
  • 3. The 5G service pricing and inclusive allowances
  • 4. The 5G service devices available

Other sections include:

  • Summary and key trends
  • 4G pricing verus 5G pricing
  • 5G smartphones and devices
  • Other 5G news

1-year Subscription includes:

  • 1) PowerPoint (20+ slides per update)
  • 2) Excel Spreadsheet (1 issue per update)