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UK Digital Banking

出版商 RFI Group 商品编码 966938
出版日期 4 Issues/Year 内容资讯 英文 91 Pages
英国的数位银行市场 UK Digital Banking
出版日期: 4 Issues/Year 内容资讯: 英文 91 Pages

本年间资讯,以UK Digital Banking Council (UKDBC) 为基础,在全球的金融服务部门中提供实用的考察为目的,许多的企业联合组织调查之一。这包含网际网路与行动银行,商品的调查和应用,资料的共享整合,付款,科技与社群媒体,商务情绪等,数位银行相关的各种专题相关的考察。以商务银行中数位演进的理解为焦点,回答下一样的主要问题。

  • COVID-19 对数位流通管道的使用带来了具体的影响吗?
  • 每银行业务有什么不同?
  • 目前聊天机器人利用相关的舒适等级到哪个程度?

The RFi Group UK Digital Banking Report, is the latest report based on RFi Group's UK Digital Banking Council (UKDBC). The UKDBC is one of RFi Group's many ongoing syndicated studies focused on delivering actionable insights to financial services sectors across the globe. It includes insights on a diverse range of digital banking related topics such as internet and mobile banking, product research and application, data sharing and integration, payments, technology and social media, business sentiment. The report also includes a thought-leading section focusing on understanding the evolution of digital for business banking. Some key questions answered in this section include:

  • Has COVID-19 had a tangible impact on the use of digital channels?
  • How does this differ across different banking activities?
  • What are the current levels of comfort with chat bot use?