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Key Energy News

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出版日期 年间契约型信息服务 内容信息 英文
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主要能源新闻 Key Energy News
出版日期: 内容信息: 英文

Key Energy News挑选无间断大量流入的能源信息,提供不可缺少的信息以节约时间。Key Energy News以全球作为目标范围(包含每个国家),由于全部的报导都经过专家阅览研究,可提供能源部门最高品质的新闻服务。



  • 税制、价格、供给、契约、预测、能源市场、政策,以及涵盖其他更多广泛能源的主题,每天筛选出最重要的能源文章
  • Enerdata的分析师精心挑选可以研究探讨的新闻
  • 涵盖现实世界
  • 强大的搜索引擎
  • 联系和保存专题文章
  • Key Energy News(主要能源新闻)也提供过去数年归档文件(2008年~2009年)的访问权限,可以轻易的找到最近的文章和事实。


  • 由于只取得最重要新闻而节约时间
  • 提供可作反应型决策的每日信息
  • 专家挑选处理的新闻
  • 依题目、国家、地区,及公共事业的查找
  • 明示能源报导显示
  • 提供最高3年的归档文件

Key Energy News provides a selection of the best energy news around the world categorised by major energy related topics (tax, price, forecast, contract) on electricity, natural gas, oil, CO2 emissions, coal and heat. All news is tagged by Enerdata experts to allow you streamline your search (by year, country, zone, energy type, subject and utilities).

Who needs Key Energy News?

    • Oil & gas companies
    • Equipment manufacturers
    • Electric Utilities
    • Engineering and consulting firms
    • Investment companies
    • Governmental bodies
    • Strategic planners
    • Marketing personnel
    • Economists and consultants
    • Business Developers


  • Reactive decision-making with our daily newsfeed
  • News selected and processed by Enerdata analysts
  • Search by topic, country, zone and utilities
  • Read related energy articles
  • Browse through archives for historic news
  • RSS feed, social media streams & e-mail alerts
  • Save time by
    • using the powerful search engine
    • using the guided search feature
    • saving queries and accessing them
    • creating e-mail alerts with desired frequency
    • storing only news relevant to you

Intuitive Online Interface


Daily News & Analyses


Powerful Search Engine with Query Saving functionality


The service provides:

  • Daily selection of the best energy articles encompassing a wide range of energy topics: tax, price, supply, contract, forecast, energy market, policy and much more
  • News carefully selected and reviewed by the Enerdata analysts
  • Powerful search box
  • Filter energy news by region or topic
  • Query and article saving capability
  • Choose desired frequency of e-mail alerts
  • RSS feed

Key Energy News also grants you access to archives dating from 2008 allowing you to easily find articles and newsfeeds from the past years.


  • Save time by getting only essential news
  • Reactive decision-making with our daily newsfeed
  • News guaranteed to be trustworthy and relevant as its selected by our analysts
  • Find exactly the news that you need with our powerful search filter
  • Read related energy articles as the energy article sources are given
  • Browse through historic news through our archives
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