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BCC 报告订阅服务:传感器

BCC Research Report Subscription: Sensors

出版商 BCC Research 商品编码 991343
出版日期 年间契约型资讯服务 内容资讯 英文
BCC 报告订阅服务:传感器 BCC Research Report Subscription: Sensors
出版日期: 年间契约型资讯服务内容资讯: 英文

今年的信息包括机器人、液压、气动、物料搬运、特种车辆、陶瓷、磁铁、暖通空调、磨料、无线传感器、电气外壳、医疗设备、气体检测、RFID、拉曼光谱、便携式设备、楼宇自动化, 激光器, 光子传感器和探测器, 激光系统, 波面控制, 光纤, 光学, 光学涂层, 光开关, 超快激光器, 土地安全, 信息技术, 法医学, 监视, 反恐, 数据安全, 移动定位、VSaaS 等。




最近的出版物涵盖液压缸、纳米机器人、协作机器人 (Cobot)、可变比冲磁等离子体火箭 (VASIMIR) 发动机、海上退役和小行星采矿的全球市场。


专注于测量和控制液位、压力、温度、湿度、流量等过程变量的技术和科学,尤其是在制造业。最近的出版物涵盖了 3D 测量、智能扬声器、跌落/头部保护、外骨骼、面罩设备、教育设备/软件、IO-Link 和汽车传感器技术的全球市场。


描述了光子传输的市场考虑因素,从光纤到激光系统、光学涂层、光子传感器和探测器。最近的出版物涵盖了光电探测和距离测量 (LiDAR)、安全激光扫瞄仪、激光系统、组件和材料的全球市场。



Product Code: ENG, IAS, PHO, SAS

On farms, roadways, hiking trails and office buildings humans have become connected to an electronic framework fretted with sensors. We know the news, the speed of our journey, the moisture content of a crop or the time of our wine delivery within the nearest deciliter, kilometer or minute. Our guardian angels are a multitude of measurers, watchers, alarms and pulse oximeters. I look forward to the day when my self-driving car has its own flock of drones.

Topics covered in BCC's Sensors Collection are Market research reports on Robotics, hydraulics, pneumatics, materials handling, specialty commercial vehicles, ceramics, magnets, HVAC, abrasives , Wireless sensors, electrical enclosures, medical devices, gas detection, RFID, Raman spectroscopy, portable devices, building automation, Lasers, photonic sensors and detectors, laser systems, wavefront control, fiber optics, optical components, optical coatings, optical switches, ultrafast lasers, Homeland security, information technology, forensics, surveillance, anti-terrorism, data security, mobile positioning and VSaaS.

Topics covered in this Collection structured in:


Reports in this category are a result of the creative application of science and mathematical models that produce revolutionary design, construction and innovation.

Recent publications cover the global market of Hydraulic Cylinders, Nano-Robotics, Collaborative Robotics (Cobots), Variable Specific Impulse Magneto plasma Rocket (VASIMIR) Engine, Offshore Decommissioning and Asteroid Mining.


Reports are focused on the art and science of measurement and control of process variables, especially in manufacturing, including Level, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Flow, etc. Recent publications cover the global market of 3D Metrology, Smart Speaker, Fall and Head Protection, Exoskeleton, Face Mask Equipment, Educational Equipment and Software, IO-Link and Automotive Sensor Technologies.


Browse market insights all about the transmission of photons, from fibre optics to laser systems, optical coatings and photonic sensors and detectors. Recent publications cover the global market of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), Safety Laser Scanner and Laser system; Components and Materials.

Safety and Security

In today's world, safety and security goes beyond physical protection. Not only are these reports about keeping people safe, but they are also about securing our data and personal information. Recent publications cover the global market of Anti-Counterfeiting, Authentication a Verification Technologies, Food Safety Testing, Colocation Data Centre Industry and Forensic Technologies.