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World Molasses and Feed Ingredients Report

出版商 F.O. Licht 商品编码 363975
出版日期 年间契约型信息服务 内容信息 英文
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全球糖蜜和配合原料相关报告 World Molasses and Feed Ingredients Report
出版日期: 内容信息: 英文

本报告为F.O. Licht所提供之全球糖蜜和配合原料相关年度契约型情报服务,以动物饲料产业企业及团体为对像发行高专业度报告。





  • 能线上透过可查找挡案查询最新新闻、特集内容及访问。
  • 每天以电子邮件发送糖蜜和配合原料相关新闻:掌握全球市场最新新闻,能较其他竞争企业早一步因应各类情况。
  • 能线上查询PDF型式的最新版报告。
  • 能利用糖蜜和饲料相关Licht对话型数据库。
  • 对话型仪表板:契约者可依照需求运用之交易、生产、消费仪表板。
  • 能利用F.O. Licht植物和生产相关数据库及全球砂糖一览。
  • 分析师谘询服务

F.O. Licht's ‘World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Report’ is the expert report for the animal feed industry.

Providing market news, production forecasts, economic analysis and prices, it covers molasses, beet pulp, citrus pulp pellets, US corn gluten feed and meal, compound feed, US DDGS and tapioca.

F.O. Licht's ‘World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Report’ also looks at related areas such as the grain, sugar and biofuel markets as well as political developments relevant to the industrial feed sectors.

As part of your subscription, you can now access Licht's Interactive Database - Molasses & Feed. Licht's Interactive Database gives you access to the largest and most comprehensive database of world commodity statistics.

PLEASE NOTE: Price is for a one year subscription for a single user.

Take a look at our overview video below to find out more about a subscription to F.O. Licht's World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Report.


A subscription to F.O. Licht's ‘World Molasses & Feed Ingredients Reports’ includes:

  • Full online access: All the latest news stories, features and interviews with a searchable archive
  • Daily email alerts: Providing you with the latest world market news, allowing you to react to events before your competitors
  • The latest issue available online as soon as it's published as a PDF
  • Access to Licht's Interactive Database - Molasses & Feed
  • Interactive dashboards: Trade and Production & Consumption dashboards that you can manipulate to your requirements
  • Access to F.O. Licht's Plant & Production database and World Sugar Directory
  • PLUS! Ask the Analyst service
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