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China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report

出版商 CCM 商品编码 246752
出版日期 12 Issues/Year 内容信息 英文 26 Pages
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中国的氟化物材料月报 China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report
出版日期: 12 Issues/Year 内容信息: 英文 26 Pages




Yanchang Petroleum Group Shangluo City与萤石资源集成

  • Yanchang Petroleum Group 成功购买了13萤石矿山的开采权,Shangluo City Shangluo Fluorine and Silicone Chemical Industrial Park 的氟化学工业企划预计将在2012年末开始第一阶段的生产。


  • 受到市场低迷的影响,国内的萤石价格在2012年8月后更有持续降低的趋势

全球第一个中国SF6 CDM企划将由EB推出

  • 刺激中国电力网企业责任感,达到降低SF6排放,国家电网SF6 CDM企划的CER在EB下顺利推出。

Shenguang Chemistry 300t/a HFC-C-447ef企划的建设进行顺利

  • Shenguang Chemistry 300t/a HFC-C-447ef企划的建设进行顺利


  • 大大维系河南省食品产业发展的发烟性新素材集成企划正准备于中2012年10月的开始建设


  • 国内的太阳能发电业和电子级HF产业受到中国太阳能发电出口的EC反倾销调查严重的影响

Hubei Zhuoxi 打破国际氟化石墨的垄断

  • 高纯度氟气和氟化石墨的Hubei Zhuoxi 生产线完成,2012年8月16日以生产为首,打破了由于外国生产者的氟化石墨的垄断


  • Wengfu实现了中国第一次有助于将废弃物转换为财富的由排气转换为氟资源100%使用率

Shanghai 3F的营业利润在2012年前半期减少了83.07%

  • 受到低迷氟化学市场的影响,Shanghai3F的2012年前半期整体销售额及营业利润和2011年与前半期相比,各自减少了40.80%及83.07%


  • 因为消费者市场未成熟,广州最初的车牌摇号新能源车并未受到关注


  • Hexafluo计划扩大高附加价值的高纯度氟化物质的生产,目前正在环境影响评估中


  • 2012年7月的中国的氟化物质的进口及出口分析


  • 大部分氟化物材料的价格2012年8月都相当低

In March 2016, Gree noted the re-entry into Suning marts. In consideration of the said "40 million air conditioners in stock", the domestic air conditioner industry is facing huge shipment pressure. For this, the deficient procurement of raw materials, and the accelerated upgrading for environmental protection, will together restrict the traditional fluorine-enriched refrigerant business, according to analyst CCM.

In March 2016, China's HFC-32 price stayed low, indicating that the coming peak period for air conditioner has not yet brought significant drives. CCM believes that this is mainly because the market was suppressed by overcapacity. The HFC-32 segment is in urgent need of supply-side reform.

In March 2016, Haisifu Chemical announced the plan to step into fluorine-enriched electronic chemicals segment. In view of its affiliation to Capchem, a Shenzhen based leading Li-ion battery electrolyte producer, CCM believes that LiPF6 will be one of its key targets.

In March 2016, HEC released its full-year 2015 financial report. In addition, it announced to vigorously expand its fluorochemical business and develop new materials business. CCM believes that this will be favourable for the company to achieve business expansion and give full play to its advantage in chlor alkali chemical resources, which will then enable it to better face challenges such as sluggish economic environment and fiercer homogenisation competition.

In 2015, Befar achieved rise in its profit. However, its vital battlefield, the chlor-alkali market is seeing slowdown growth. In light of its announcement to launch fine fluorochemical projects in Feb. 2016, CCM believes that the company aims to make a transformation into fine fluorochemicals business, and seize the market opportunities brought by the emerging downstream industries, so as to improve its financial performance.

In March 2016, Green New Materials signed the strategic cooperation agreement with CGNSEDC. This will be favourable for the former to develop solar energy backplane membrane business in size and in strength in the foreign/domestic solar energy power generation segment, and meanwhile for the latter to integrate the supply of upstream key materials for better business layout.

In March 2016, Hubei Hongyuan decided to install new LiPF6 production equipment. This is mainly because the company, whose current capacity layout has fallen behind other competitors, intends to seize the explosively growing Li-ion battery market and improve the economic effect, according to analyst CCM.

At the end of Feb., 2016, Do-Fluoride made a pre-announcement about its full-year 2015 financial performance. Specifically, its net profit achieved a sharp rise, by 845.26% YoY, thanks to its alternative energy business.

In Feb. 2016, China's fluorite market was sluggish overall, especially the fluorite powder (CaF2>97%) segment throughout which production suspension appeared. As the downstream market recovers, CCM believes that the fluorite market will stay stable and make a rebound in Q2.

In Feb. 2016, China's fluorine-enriched refrigerant market still stayed sluggish. Impacted by the poor demand, CCM believes that the market will stay weak throughout the first quarter.

Table of Contents

  • Use of traditional fluorine-enriched refrigerants to be restricted
  • China's HFC-32 market: lack of vitality, in urgent need of supply-side reform
  • Haisifu Chemical driven by innovation, to develop fluorine-enriched chemicals
  • HEC to vigorously expand fluorochemical business
  • Befar to march into fine fluorochemicals business
  • Green New Materials partners with CGNSEDC
  • Hubei Hongyuan to expand LiPF6 production capacity
  • Do-Fluoride: large rise in full-year 2015 profit
  • Do-Fluoride: mass production of alternative energy vehicle
  • Zhejiang Yongtai continuing stock trade suspension for large investment
  • Zhejiang Juhua: new packaging for R134a
  • Fujian's Mingxi promoting supply-side reform in fluorochemical industry
  • Jiangxi's Ganzhou: investigation into local fluorine & salt chemical industry
  • NDRC holds HFCs disposal investigation work seminar
  • Jinhua Yonghe: production improvement and R&D in 2016
  • LMRICI: electronic grade nitrogen trifluoride project funded
  • China's fluorite market to rebound in Q2 2016
  • China's fluorine-enriched refrigerant market staying low in Q1 2016
  • Import and export of major fluorochemicals in China in Jan. 2016
  • Ex-works prices of major fluorochemicals in China in Feb. 2016
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